The Anniversary Recap

With over 150 cookies to still decorate for this week, half of them needing to be finished by tomorrow and the other half by Wednesday, I expected to have celebrated my anniversary in the kitchen with a few pastry bags but my sweet groom surprised me by heading out early to buy me my favorite misto accompanied with flowers and a very sweet card telling me he had made reservations for dinner at one of my happiest place on earth, Montage in Laguna Beach. Since we hadn’t talked about doing anything with my busy schedule pending it was a complete surprise.

When we arrived at Montage in the late afternoon they were preparing for a wedding to take place on the lawn.

With spectacular flower arrangements.


And pink parasols for when the sun dipped in the sky.


All overlooking the ocean from the cliffs.


My groom of 28 years.


We had the best seats in the house sipping our G&T’s where I found myself a touch emotional knowing we were witnessing a wedding that shared our wedding date.


The most gorgeous sunset of Catalina “26 Miles Across the Sea”.



A most perfect day.