The PINK Plate Special…

“How many for the Pink Martini party, this evening, Miss?”

I’ve rented the entire room just for us!

I had a friend who once said our neighborhood was so obscenely decorated during Christmas it looked like Santa had thrown up. I guess you could say Cupid had the same digestive problem but I LOVED IT! How fabulous is this? This was taken during the morning but can you imagine how magic it is at night??

The Rose Parade meets The Rat Pack Era.

A tiny secret stairway to pink heaven!

He must hang in my office and be my
Patron Saint of Blogging Illumination!

They must know pink martinis!

My nose was pressed to the glass!

“Anyone care for dessert?”

“Make mine to go, please.”

The Best Burgers Ever!

Best BBQ Burger Ever

This Sunday we are hosting The Family “End-of-Summer Extravaganza!” We have lots to celebrate: July & August birthdays. Sending Son1 back to college for his senior year. Sending Son2 off to college for his freshman year. Toasting 2 sets of newlyweds. Mr. P. M.’s crime fighting escapades. My pending mid-life crisis (scheduled for Sept 14th).It’s all here and it’ all good! I’m keeping the menu simple and family is helping but I am making smoking hot pom-martinis that will be… [Read More]