The Homecoming.

I am flying this weekend to New York state with son2 for a college visit to meet with advisors, etc. If the emotions of a college trip aren’t enough, I am filled with a sense of panic since Mr. P. Martini is unable to go and I have to be the grown-up. Never mind I will be traveling with an 18 year-old male who will be living on his own shortly because this does not count to a mother.  … [Read More]

10 Things “No One Knows About Me” Tag

I was tagged by Pink In A Sea Of Blue to list 10 things about me that people might not know. ‘Pink’ was also the winner of my give-away last week. We both have a son with the same name. I bet you didn’t know that! 🙂1. I do not get my nails ‘done’. I’m a hands on kinda gal and I’m too active to keep a manicure looking nice and I don’t like to commit to weekly appointments for… [Read More]


I think technology can definitely be a double edged sword. No new idea here. Since finding the blogging world in January I have reset my priorities. I get up earlier and spend the first few hours catching up on my east coast blogging sisters until I decide I better get into the shower and get on with my day. I am thankful I have a new and exciting creative outlet and have connected to other women all over the world… [Read More]

“Silly Rabbit, Trix Are For Kids.”

I will be beginning Nurti-System this week for the family wedding season so of course I am craving all that I cannot have like a big box of Trix that I literally have not eaten in at least 10 years if not more. This was my favorite cereal growing up and I can still feel what is was like waking up at the crack of noon on Saturday and filling up my bowl with the flavorful corn puffs that would… [Read More]

Queen For The Day!

“Aww shucks!” ‘Thank you’ to ShabbyChicks for the awesome award ofQueen of All Things Awe-summm!!! It was so thoughtful of you and I love it! Suzanne’s blog is brimming with Florida sunshine (which is her personality), insights, recipes and fun.I read her musings every day and you probably do too! And…who wouldn’t love to have the honor of this retro queen grace her blog with not just a tiara but a full jeweled crown resting on her majestic crowning glory… [Read More]

Merci! Grazie! Arigato! Thanks! :)

This IS my lucky day!Thank you to Preppy 101, author extraordinaire,of All Things Southern & Preppyfor the tag on this unique award. I love Preppy 101’s blog and along with hundreds of her ‘BF’s’, we certainly know a good thing when we read it!She is delightful, positive, informative and her comments are always a reflection of her graciousness. Thank you, dear fellow “Fab & Fifty & Nifty”for thinking of me and tagging me with a fun award and activity. I… [Read More]

Thanks Preppy Player & “7 Things You’ve Ever (never) Wanted To Know About…”

Thank you Preppy Player, for the thoughtful blog acknowledgment and shout out. Since I listed my seven favorite things in a recent post, and Preppy mentioned getting to know me better, I am going to shake up the rules a bit and list seven things that only a few people might know about me. Did you know….. 1. Why “Pink Martinis and Pearls?” Although I rarely imbibe (really), I might have a cocktail if we go out for dinner with… [Read More]