The 12 Days Of Christmas On Your Doorstep

12 days of christmas on the door step

A couple years ago nightly elves brought to our doorstep something every day for the 12 Days of Christmas. I quickly caught on by the second night what the theme was and looked forward to every morning with absolute delight.

I can’t remember every gift but I do recall a bowl of seven goldfish for the seven swans-a-swimming and the three Frenches hens were frozen Cornish game hens. It was all very creative.

Of course, I had to stay up late one night to see who our elves were. On the last night I made them a New Year’s Eve basket with champagne flutes, a bottle of the bubbly, noise makers, streamers and a photo album. I then waited for them to come and listened on the other side of the door at their surprise as they read my note of thanks. I didn’t let on I knew who they were. I still wanted it to be fun for them too! 🙂

The first 12th Day of Christmas begins on Sunday morning the 13th so have your partridge in a pair tree ready to go!