Halloween DIYs at Tiny Prints

Today I’m featured on the Tiny Prints blog sharing two Halloween DIYs inspired from their Gleeful Guises invitation set which is perfect for little monsters. You’ll learn how to make jack-o-lantern table top decorations safe for a children’s party that also holds candy that seems lit from within and ghosts pops made from Peeps using washi tape for added decoration. Come see how you can do it too!  I promise you can!  🙂

Sneak “Peep” Ghosts

“BOO!” Just thought I’d give you a sneak ‘peep’ of one of two DIY Halloween projects I made for Tiny Prints which will be featured on their blog on Oct. 1.

Halloween Candy Ideas and Cupcakes

I hope your head is spinning with Halloween ideas!  Mine certainly has been.  I’ve been working on a project for Tiny Prints and although I can’t give you a sneak peek just yet, I can show you some of the candy I used in the photo shoot. I was looking for unique candy and edible decorations and found these: I fell in love with Wilton’s pumpkin and candy corn holding ghosts.  Did it pain me not to make my own? … [Read More]

Lemonade Love DIY at Tiny Prints

Today I’m over at Tiny Prints where I posted a Lemonade Love Party Lanterns DIY inspired by their Lemonade Love invitation to a summer party. Using the mason jar theme,  you can add to your party’s ambiance with pretty ribbons that catch the breeze and add color during the day then gives a soft, flickering glow at night. Come visit to see what supplies you’ll need and how to make them for your outdoor entertaining.  I hope you find some… [Read More]

Bridal Shower Gifts and Wrapping Ideas

  I love to wrap gifts.  I always have.  Part of the fun for me is finding inspiration in the gift choice, the colors, paper and in ribbon.  Having an excuse to shop for paper and ribbon is like buying a new pair of party shoes.  I get giddy!     The inspiration for this “wedding cake wrap”, as my friend called it, since she thought it looked like a tiered wedding cake, began with the bride’s registry.  I noticed… [Read More]

Bridal Shower Tulip Cookies with a Plantable Tag of Wild Flowers

bridal shower cookies tulip cookies-21

These cookies have been cordially invited to Diana’s bridal shower. The bride loves fresh flowers and natural accents in sage green and soft yellow. Romantic touches on the leaves. Soft yellow edible glitter was sprinkled on the petals while the icing was wet and white pearlized powder was brushed on the entire cookie after the icing had dried. In keeping with Diana’s concern and love for the environment, I chose plantable paper to make the bride and groom tags.  Wild… [Read More]

A Colorful Party Prep Weekend and A Great Kitchen Tip

Party prep continues this weekend for my Mother-in laws big pink and orange birthday bash one week from today.   I ordered custom cocktails napkins online from Paper-Source.  When I saw the paper lantern design I couldn’t resist. Taking it outside… I love having fragrant flowers where people gather.  We planted stock with chine blue pansies in areas where guests will linger in the backyard.  I opened the door to the yard last night around midnight and the fragrance was… [Read More]

Pink and Orange Holiday Banister Decorations

In continuing to decorate using hot pink and orange for our upcoming party, I’m happy to say I have finished decorating the banister.  This is a huge relief for me.  One thing I was reminded of, yet again, when creating a new display using all new materials, plan on it taking three times longer than you originally thought it would take.  Even though I had a vision of what I wanted to create when I purchased everything, I still didn’t… [Read More]

Packaging Palooza Party Favors

To continue the Palooza Birthday Party Extravanga prep, my next step was to package the custom Jeanapalooza m&m’s in small cello bags but since I’m also making special decorated cookies for the party I wanted a different look for the m&m’s.  I found these little clear plastic 2 x 3 inch boxes at a cake decorating supply store for .45 each but they are also available on the web, sold in bulk for half the price.  I thought this might… [Read More]

Baby Elephant Cookies For A Baby Shower

Baby Elephant Baby Shower Cookies

You are cordially invited… …to take a peek inside… … party preparations with pachyderms. The inspiration. Creating a cookie pattern. A few precious baby pachyderms. An entire herd of sweetness. Getting dressed for the party. To make the tags, I used a 3” punch on card stock scrapbook paper topped with 2” printable edge-to-edge sticker labels.  I also made a sticker to use to seal the tissue paper inside the gift box. Ready for the party. The packed baby pachyderms… [Read More]