‘Tushie Cookies’ for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine tushie cookies

Amy from Ohio had a great idea. She asked me if I would make her my Tushie Cookies for her boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. How could I resist such a sweet and fun request? Amy had a couple more requests – pink, red and… … Tiffany blue with Ben’s name in a black tattoo! Tushie Cookies aren’t just for bridal showers anymore! You’ll find more ‘Tushie’ Cookies at these links:  ‘Tushie’ Cookies I – Bridal Shower  ‘Tushie’ Cookies III –… [Read More]

Champagne Flute Decorated Cookies

I’m popping the cork this Valentine’s to say … You go to my head, Valentine! If you wish to toast your love or friendships this Valentine’s Day these cookies couldn’t be easier to make.Draw a champagne flute out of card stock to use as a cookie cutter template. In-fill with thinned golden colored icing (I used Ameri-Color Gold with just a touch of Wilton Lemon Yellow), sprinkle gold dragees (I used small and large sized) from the bottom up to… [Read More]

How To Make Glass Heart Cookies

glass heart cookie West Elm valentine cookie decorating workshop-5882

That’s what I call these cookies that have a melted hard candy center. I make them every year but this time I’m going to show you how to make them too. You’ll need cinnamon candies or red lollipops or Life Savors. Any hard candy that is red. Pulverize the candy to a powder. I use my Cuisinart Mini Mate Chopper. It does a fabulous job in a few pulses. Spoon the candy powder into a cutout space you’ve made in… [Read More]

Cookie Decorating Tip: Straight Lines

This past weekend I was making some sample Valentine’s Day cookies and I needed very straight lines to create a dotted Swiss look. First, I thought to use a ruler marking the cookie with an edible pen but using a ruler is cumbersome and I didn’t want hard contact on the cookie. I decided to place a string over the cookie and secure the ends with tape on my pastry board. The string acted as my guideline. For every new… [Read More]

Collegiate Valentine Care Packages

Collegiate Valentine Care Package DIY Cupcakes

Are kids ever too big to receive some Valentine’s Day fun from home? Afterall, “nuthin’ says lovin’ like something from mom’s oven!”    So they wouldn’t miss anything among the packing, I made a big Valentine on one side then on the flip I printed out an inventory list.Caution: You are about to enter the corny zone! 🙂 Each Care Package contains: 1. One personal Valentine from Mom & Dad, (and cat). 2. Rice Krispy “Bear Hugs” Treats 3. Custom… [Read More]

Pink Champagne Glass Decorated Cookies

  Champagne. A bit of the bubbly. The stuff that tickles your nose. And YES! It has to be pink! It’s mere existence announces in the grandest of styles a new beginning, an achievement, an event to remember. Cheers! It celebrates life with us. Love. Marriage. Birth.   It let’s us take a moment to say hoorah for you, hoorah for me or hoorah for all of us!   “Please, Save The Date” It wouldn’t be the same without you…. [Read More]

Valentine Cookies in Glassine Bags

decorated valentines cookies

  It’s been a busy baking week. Today I finished my hearts and gave them to my son’s high school jazz band. I also made extras for my dinner party this weekend. The middle of the white cookies is crushed cherry lollipops that melt as the cookie bakes producing a hard candy. It’s so pretty held up to the light. They just glow. The red hearts have red sanding sugar sprinkled on and the pinks hearts have pearlized dragees. All… [Read More]