“Sweet Embraceable Ewe” Cookies

fondant lamb cookies

Move over bunnies! There’s a new cookie in town! Well, actually there’s a whole flock. When I was making wedding cookies samples I used a fondant embossing sheet on a few of them. I liked the look of one sheet in particular and thought the pattern would look cute on lamb cookies. You can read the post I wrote about how to use the embossing sheet on fondant here. Here’s the quick recap ~ Roll the embossing sheet over the… [Read More]

Decorated Baby Bunny Cookies

decorated baby bunny cookies

These baby bunny cookies are some of my favorites and I made them again this year for clients and friends. I received some emails asking questions so I’m happy to show you how to make them! What You’ll Need: Batch o’ Bunny Cookies (Sugar Cookie Recipe) or see recipes at the end of the post Royal Icing Recipe Pearl Dragees (tail) Assorted Small Pink Dragees (eyes) or use icing #2 Plain Round Decorating Tip/Coupler (optional) Decorating Bag or Parchment Cone… [Read More]

Marshmallow Bunny Pops!

marshmallow bunny pops

These bunny marshmallow pops are perfect to find in an Easter basket, for spring time bake sales, as a friendship gift or to make with the kids! Here’s how and what You’ll Need: 3 extra-large marshmallows 2 regular (large) sized marshmallows (the kind you find in the store) 1 mini marshmallow 1 twisty marshmallow candy writer in white. This is not frosting but candy coating. pan of hot water, not boiling 12″ long lollipop sticks, 1 for each bunny pink… [Read More]

Decorated Chick Cookies!

decorated chick cookies

One chick is back in the nest from college for spring break and I’ll have the other for a few precious days beginning tomorrow night so before I take a few days off to enjoy being a mother hen again I wanted to show you how easy these little cookie chicks are to make. I could say I was making them for my chicks homecoming, (how cute would that be) but I really made them to try out for an… [Read More]

“Butterfly Cookies” – Decorated Cookie of The Month

butterfly decorated cookies

I was inspired by The Butterfly Cookies I saw on the Fancy Flours website. The Butterfly Wafer Paper Set is the key ingredient for the effect. I read their ‘how-to’ but I did things a bit different. You will need: Sugar Cookie Recipe (previous post) Royal Icing Recipe (previous post) • Blue and Lavender Butterfly Wafer Paper Set (SKU: 3601-WP-BCS-1) • Butterflies Cookie Cutter Set (SKU: 4300-RM-BF-1 ) • Edible Clear Writing Gel (SKU: 9999-CK-GL-1) to act as ‘glue’ for… [Read More]

Decorated Bunny Cookies

decorated bunny cookies

She’s a pretty young thing.She likes mascara and pedicures as you can see. One became two. (Don’t they make a cute couple?) And two became three. All happy in the Bunny family. Thank you to everyone who ordered Bunny Cookies! My kitchen was hopping with excitement and sweet aromas. I am popping them into the mail today and tomorrow. I have added a small handmade card with each of your orders. The cookies will stay fresh until after Easter if… [Read More]

A ‘Pot of Gold’ Decorated Cookie

Every leprechaun needs a pot of gold so I made a cookie with gold coins. I started off with a clipart image I found in my files because you know, I can’t draw a lick! Thank goodness the internet is loaded with them. The luck of the Irish must be with me! I made my own template with the addition of a rainbow because everyone knows gold is only found at the end of one. I thought 6 colors were… [Read More]

O’reo Patties For St. Patty’s Day

chocolate covered molded oreo st patricks day

Chocolate covered O’reo patties for St. Patty’s Day ~O’Yum! These were made in a mold just for this purpose. No dripping messes. How genius is that? I knew I had to get this mold when I saw the shamrock pattern already in place. Here’s what you do: Buy a bag of Double Stuff Oreos. If you buy the cookies a few days before making these, make sure you save enough to actually make your project. Don’t ask me how I… [Read More]

Ladybugs and Sunflower Cookies

lady bug cookies sunflower cookies

My wonderful niece3 asked me about some ideas for cookies for her friend’s daughter’s B-day who is turning 2. At 2, the kidlettes would be happy with a popsicle split in half but we know the party is really for adults anyway so let’s bring some fun cookies to show off!I thought about rainbows, smiley faces, ladybugs and sunflowers. Since I was making more fall cookies last night to send to college boy1 and had the colors ready to go… [Read More]