Another Round of Margarita Cookies

decorated margarita cookies

A sweet gal emailed me after seeing my margarita cookies and wondered if I would make them for a party she was giving to honor her mom on her 50th birthday. I thought her thoughtfulness and love for her mom was so sweet that I told her I’d be happy to RSVP with my cookies. The regular and strawberry margarita cookies would be served. I wrote a post on how to decorate margarita cookies but this time I made the… [Read More]

Everything’s Coming Up Flower Cookie Pops

  When I was asked to make cookies for an exhibitor at a landscape trade show I immediately thought flowers would be a natural tie in. The “Vegas” theme of the show would play a part too. I thought cookies would be a unique and fun give-away gift and I could also utilize them in containers for the table decoration. I learned that at a trade show such as this the objective is to get people to visit your booth… [Read More]

Decorated Margarita Cookies!

decorated margarita cookies

They’re not just for Cinco de Mayo anymore. Do you like traditional margaritas or strawberry?Let’s start with the cookie garnishes for margaritas. I wanted to have a little sparkle. What better place than on the garnish?Strawberries! I used a small strawberry cutter then iced the cookies in red. While the icing was still wet I covered them with Dicso Dust in Strawberry.You must cover them completely to get this effect. The random sprinkle will look like a random sprinkle. No… [Read More]

‘Smile’ For Camera Cookies!

camera cookies

  Food photography has become a big component of blogging where recipes and techniques are shared and since I’m taking so many pictures to document my cookie making and decorating I’ve needed to find resources to help me improve.I’ve been very fortunate to find two exceptionally talented women in this field. The first is Amanda Padgett who runs Everyday Elements. She’s incredibly savvy at photography and Photo Shop Elements (PSE) and offers online workshops, tutorial videos and so much more…. [Read More]

Going Ape Over Decorated Banana Cookies!

banana cookies santa ana zoo

I had so much fun coming up with a creative idea for the presentation of family memberships for our local zoo for a give-away. The business who sponsored the give-away asked me to come up with something that would coordinate with such a nifty gift.My project began with this… …membership certificates in a paper scroll. The presentation possibilities were endless but you know me…… ‘cookies must be involved!’ The zoo is known for their monkey exhibit and what is more… [Read More]

Debutante Ball Gown Decorated Cookie

debutante dress cookie

Preppy 101 asked me to make a cookie for a friend’s debutante celebration and I was thrilled! I thought the cookie cutter used for the “Betty Draper Party Dress” that is featured in my Give-Away would be perfect and I wanted to share a couple more decorating ideas with you.Click HERE to enter the give-away if you’d like. It ends this Sunday after Mad Men. 🙂 I began with my favorite Sugar Cookie and Royal Icing recipes. In keeping with… [Read More]

“Mad Men” Cookies, Quiz and *GIVE-AWAY*

mad men decorated cookies

Mad Men Decorated Cookies  “What do Mad Men episodes and cookies have in common?”One is never enough!!! I’m celebrating the premier of season 4 with a cookie-related Give-Away! But first… take the “The Mad Men Cookie Quiz” just for fun. 🙂 Can you guess which character goes with the cookie? (There might be some slight overlap but one character ‘owns’ the cookie.) 1.a. Bertram Cooper b. Donald Draper c. Roger Sterling 2. a. Peggy Olsen b. Helen Bishop c. Joan… [Read More]

“Butterfly Cookies” – Decorated Cookie of The Month

butterfly decorated cookies

I was inspired by The Butterfly Cookies I saw on the Fancy Flours website. The Butterfly Wafer Paper Set is the key ingredient for the effect. I read their ‘how-to’ but I did things a bit different. You will need: Sugar Cookie Recipe (previous post) Royal Icing Recipe (previous post) • Blue and Lavender Butterfly Wafer Paper Set (SKU: 3601-WP-BCS-1) • Butterflies Cookie Cutter Set (SKU: 4300-RM-BF-1 ) • Edible Clear Writing Gel (SKU: 9999-CK-GL-1) to act as ‘glue’ for… [Read More]

Invited To The Party with Decorated Champagne Glass Cookies

Pink champagne cookies

  Dear M2 ~Thank you for inviting my cookies to your mom’s birthday party. They are honored to attend and I know they’re going to have a great time! Original Champagne Glass Cookie Post here

Personalized Fortune Cookies

custom fortune cookies

  I have a soft spot for the beachy babes of the Dana Hills High School Girls Varsity Soccer Team and although I’ve never been to one of their games, every year at the end of the season I am connected to them.   Four years ago, I began making decorated cookies for the team and it has turned into a tradition for them and me. The mom who has ordered them every year told me some girls chose not… [Read More]