Beverage Brunch Bunny Ice Cubes

Wilton Bunny Juice Ice CubesAre you inviting these cute bunnies to brunch this Easter?  You might put them on the invite list because they are so easy to make ahead of time out of any juice or drink mix.  I made the bunnies below out of regular lemonade, pink lemonade and OJ.

I used the 24 Cavity Bunny Silicone Mold by Wilton Cake Decorating which would be also perfect to make cute little bunny petite fours for a sweet bite afterwards.

Wilton Bunny Juice Ice Cubes

How easy is this? Pour & fill.

Wilton Bunny Juice Ice Cubes

Freeze (brrrr) & unmold.  The soft texture of the mold means the bunny ice cubes pop right out.

Store individual bunnies on a flat baking tray with a layer of waxed paper between “flavors” so the colors don’t touch each other.

Wilton Bunny Juice Ice Cubes

The lemonade ice cubes would also be great to add to iced tea or to slightly sweeten and flavor water.  Screwdrivers?  Yes please! OJ ice cubes will be ready!  How about making Bloody Mary mix or Margarita mix ice cubes?  Use the mix either diluted or full strength because if you mix it will alcohol the bunnies cubes won’t freeze well.

Beverage brunch bunnies will be a whimsical addition to your place setting presentations.  I’ve got mine made.  How about you?

Salude! & Happy Easter!

Wilton Bunny Juice Ice Cubes

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  1. This is a perfect use for those silicone molds. I love all the bright colors and flavors in your brunch bunnies.