USC Cupcakes Countdown …Sneak Peek

This week the countdown begins to what hopefully will be a great game against the “other team that will not be named on my blog”, but they are our crosstown rivals from Westwood and have a teddy bear for their mascot, at least that’s the effigy that was tied to a stake and burned in the pep rally bonfire on campus a couple nights before the game!  HA! It was a great rally with all the players in attendance and the coach firing up the crowd.  I wonder if they can still do that today with air pollution restrictions and teddy bear political correctness.  Hmmm.

As a USC alum, I’ve been working on some game day USC cupcakes.  Here’s a couple pics I posted on Instagram and Facebook last week.

We can always dream of the Rose Bowl.  Uh, 2016, anyone?  🙂

USC Cupcakes Rose Bowl

We went to the USC vs. Cal game last week with our best buddies – my Tri-Delta room mate and her hubby.  I learned 2 two things – the Cardinal and Gold Club makes some mean margaritas and they could seriously use some USC cupcakes on their dessert table, but I could be biased.  Think so?

USC Trojans Cupcake-

But as we Trojans like to say, “The Tradition Continues” and so does my cupcake design work to get them ready for Saturday!

Check back later this week as I drag out my USC memory box (no telling what’s in there) and what USC cupcakes I’ve come up with to celebrate our pending victory against that other team.

There’s nothing more loyal (or obnoxious) than a Trojan fan.  Smile

Love to my ucla gal pals. Red heart Smile

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  1. Have I ever told you my sister is a UCLA Ph.D. who sent all her kids to their lab school? 🙂

    I forgive you. BTW, we really should meet up some day.

  2. Miss M, these are quite possibly the most beautiful cupcakes I have ever seen and definitely the Best in Show for USC school spirit!! Your talent never ceases to amaze me and you are an inspiration! Words escape me…exquisite work and fun post. Hugs from your Duck buddy, PW