A Whimsical Springtime Brunch

You might think I’ve gone down the Easter bunny hole or have spring fever but when I saw the Spring Flower Cupcake pan from Wilton, I immediately thought of quiche flowers for a springtime brunch and not cupcakes!  Hard to believe, I know.

Wilton Spring Cupcake Pan Brunch

With the beautiful tulips, lilies and freesias that grace my table, I wanted to add a touch of the garden to everyone’s plate but in a whimsical and unexpected way. Using the cupcake pan is a fun way to do it.

Wilton Spring Cupcake Pan Brunch

Hopefully, this post will give you some ideas for your springtime entertaining.  Red rose

I made a delicious smoked salmon quiche recipe without the crust and ladled it into each cup.

Wilton Spring Cupcake Pan Brunch

They popped right out!


Wilton Spring Cupcake Pan Brunch

Since I used the white part of the leeks in the recipe, I decided to try out an idea I had.  My thought was to blanch the remaining green leaf parts of the leeks and cut out leaf and stem shapes to add decoration to the quiche.  It worked great!

Wilton Spring Cupcake Pan Brunch

To do this, detach each leek leaf keeping it as wide as you can by finding the notched part of the leaf and running a swallow cut from the notch towards the root end.  The entire leaf will peel off perfectly without any tears.

To create the leek leaves:

Place leaves one at a time in boiling water, rib side up.  I used a large frying pan so the leaf could lay flat.  Pressing lightly on the back of the rib also helps to open up the leaf as the curve of the leaf relaxes from being wound around the others.  In a few seconds the leaf will lay flat.  Remove from the water to a cutting surface.

Take the tip of a sharp knife or scissors and cut out leaf and stem shapes.  If you want to do this at a later time, store the leaves flat on a plate, covered, in the refrigerator.  Cutting the shapes can also be done a day or two ahead and stored as described.

Wilton Spring Cupcake Pan Brunch

To add a little more fun to the quiches …

Wilton Spring Cupcake Pan Brunch

I piped on tinted cream cheese with a #14  star tip.  Sour cream or crème fraiche could also be used depending what would blend with the quiche ingredients.

Wilton Spring Cupcake Pan Brunch

I also dressed up mini bagels decorated to resemble daisies to add yet another touch of whimsy to the table.

Here’s the steps –

Wilton Spring Cupcake Pan Brunch

1.  Place whipped cream cheese into a pastry bag fitted with a plain round #11 decorating tip and pipe petals.

2.  Take a knife with a rounded tip and press each ‘petal’ towards the center of the bagel.

3.  To finish, cut a round of smoked salmon with a cookie cutter and place over the center of the bagel.  Top with a few capers.

Brunch is served!

Wilton Spring Cupcake Pan Brunch

Although I didn’t show it, I’d recommend a garden salad with shredded carrots and a light herbal vinaigrette to accompany the quiche along with big, juicy, sweet strawberries which weren’t available when I wrote this post.  Red grapes and blueberries had to suffice and, I have to say, were equally delicious.  🙂

Disclaimer stuff– You can probably figure this out but, as a Wilton brand ambassador, I receive compensation for my Wilton sponsored posts and in addition, for products I might choose to feature.  With that said, I choose products that I think you will like and of course, I really like them too, in fact I get giddy.  All concepts, commentary, photography and opinions are mine.

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  1. Your little quiches are darling in fact the whole plate presentation is just clever. Good job!

  2. Fantastic! I love the idea of using your sweet-skills on these savory quiches and bagels! That pan looks real fun. I’ll keep my eye on it. I am not much of a cupcake fan but I’m certainly a brunch host and always looking for fun ways to do minis like this. Thanks!

  3. You’re brilliant. I’d love to see you tile a bathroom, or a fireplace. Seriously.

  4. Thank you, Suzanne! 🙂

    Trevor, I await my brunch invite! Thank you. 🙂

    Lisa, if it involves a spatula and pastry bag then I think I may have to start remodeling around here. Thank you for your kind comment. 🙂

  5. This is such a unique idea for brunch! I absolutely love quiche and these are just too cute not to try!

  6. Everything’s comin’ up delicious for this brunch! A very creative idea Marilyn to use the Wilton pan for the quiche!

  7. Thanks Danielle. The pan made it so easy. 🙂

    Thank you, Cathy. Can’t wait to make cupcakes for dessert! xoxo

  8. Really clever! Perfect for a tea party!


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