Wedding Dress Decorated Cookies For A Bridal Shower

Over the last few weeks I had the pleasure of designing and decorating cookie favors for a bridal shower in Newport Beach this weekend.  What made these cookies special for me was that they were invited to the party by Mary Ann of the blog Classic Casual Home.  We were finally able to meet, have lunch and become fast friends in person after reading and commenting on our respective blogs and emailing each other over the past few years!

Bridal Shower Wedding Dress Cookie-5932

The design process began with raw sketches which lead to the final sketch for my vision.  In all my decades of cookie decorating experience I hadn’t had the pleasure of customizing a wedding dress cookie.  I absolutely LOVE a creative challenge!

wedding dress decorated cookies

With the concept in mind, I began making flowers out of rolled fondant.  I made hundreds of blush colored and white flowers while watching The Graduate last weekend. “Coo-coo-ca-chou!”

Wedding Dress Brdial Shower Cookies Fondant Flowers-2tx

Before I started to decorate the all-white cookies, I played with flower placement and colors and where to pipe embellishments that I would sprinkle with edible glitter for a touch of sparkle.

wedding dress decorated cookies

Vision complete with a blush colored fondant sash to complement the flowers and a brushing of pearlized luster dust to give the dress a soft glow of light.

Bridal Shower Wedding Dress Cookie-5935

It’s all in the details, as they say, with blush pearl dragees.

Bridal Shower Wedding Dress Cookie-5922

I could see these at a debutante ball, couldn’t you?

Bridal Shower Wedding Dress Cookie-5945

All dressed for the bridal shower with a veil of organza and satin ribbon..

Bridal Shower Wedding Dress Cookie-5949

Everyone loves a party where true love is celebrated, so everyone into the box!

Bridal Shower Wedding Dress Cookie-5953

And because I had a little inspiration and fondant left over, my imagination kept on going… for next time.

Bridal Shower Wedding Dress Cookie-5973

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  1. Those are really phenomenal.

  2. Thank you, Lisa! 🙂

  3. Marilyn, these are amazing! You are so talented. Seriously jealous you and Mary Ann got to have lunch…I’ll bet that was a fun time!

  4. Thank you, Karen. I appreciate your kind and generous comment. Lunch was really fun and totally unexpected which made it extra special. 🙂

  5. I just don’t think I’ve ever seen a prettier cookie ever.

  6. These are stunning! And such a special treat – I made bridesmaid and bridal dress cookies for a friend’s wedding over five years ago and they’re still a topic of conversation when we all get together. Would have loved to have these pretties for inspiration back then!

  7. Wow they are absolutely gorgeous! You out did yourself on those! I’m sure the bride loved them! Have a wonderful week!

  8. These are absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful treat for a shower.

  9. they are so beautiful.

  10. Thank you everyone. I really appreciate your sweet comments! xoxo

  11. You should sell you designed cookie cutter! and I will buy one!

  12. Your cookies were a huge hit and made our party special. Thank you.

  13. So cute.

  14. So wait, when are you getting into fashion design?

  15. Exquisite!