Bridal Shower Tushie Cookies–Pink, Blue and White

Bridal Shower Tushie Cookies

Before I get into my latest Tushie Cookies, I’d like to welcome my Tri-Delta sisters who may be visiting.  I’d love to connect with you so send me an email to say hello and introduce yourself and I’ll say hello back!  I’m thrilled to have you here! Welcome.

Back to cookies… When I made my original Tushie Cookies for my niece’s wedding, I had no idea they would be pinned and re-pinned thousands of times.  I’m amazed that post continues to be at the top of the week’s popular posts on my sidebar, almost everyday for the past two years!

I enjoy making them and I often receive inquiries for orders.  If I have the time, I love being part of someone’s special celebration and to create new designs with little embellishments.

The cookies I’m posting about today are headed to the upper East side in NYC to Andrea Beaman for a bridal shower this weekend so they had to be chic, sophisticated and fun.

They’re a mixture of boy shorts…

Bridal Shower Tushie Cookies-89

…and scantily-clad thongs.  For a special touch of sweetness, I added my favorite embellishment on many of my cookie designs – a fondant daisy, which I sprinkled with rainbow Disco Dust for a highlight of sparkle.


Bridal Shower Tushie Cookies-logo17For a soft shimmer, I brushed pearlized powder over all the dried royal icing giving the cookies an extra softness and glow.


Bridal Shower Tushie Cookies logo7 


Bridal Shower Tushie Cookies-9logoCongratulations to the bride and her groom , John,

and “Delta love” to my sisters.

Red heart

You’ll find more Tushie Cookies at these links:

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  1. I don’t know “John” but I am certain he is marrying someone with lots of class and a great sense of humor. I always marvel at how much attention to detail you have for these tasty pieces of art.

  2. These are not only such fun but so pretty and i love the attention to detail!

  3. Those simply could not be any cuter!!!! They are just bootylicious cute, lol.

    Do you ship? I am throwing a bday party for my best friend June 13th and I would love to order some, is that possible all the way here to NY? She would love them.

    You are a cookie genius!

  4. Hi Tina, these cookies went to NY so I don’t see why they couldn’t come to your house too. 🙂

  5. These get me every time!

    I suppose for a baby shower you could do Boobie Cookies? If the mother planned to nurse?


  6. I love these. I’ve been looking for ideas to make some bridal shower cookies and have always thought the tushie cookies are some of the cutest of all. Yours are beautiful! 🙂

  7. Thank you, Colleen! xo

  8. Helen Milner says:

    I would love to order these, they’re so cute! Do you ship to Georgia!?