The Best Laid Plans of Meringue

Thursday was going to be my meringue hearts day.

meringue hearts

I woke up early, got my coffee going and headed into the pantry for supplies.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw a movement of black.  Ants!   And lots of them – every shelf, up and down across the floor into the kitchen and up again to a high stool reserved for my kitty who receives her morning treats while the coffee brews.  This morning, the ants were waiting for their snack too.  In 24 years I’ve never had ants in my walk-in pantry.  Not one.  Now I had hundreds if not thousands.

Throughout the morning I transferred everything out of the pantry rushing crawling containers outside accompanied by a few girlie screams.  Things crawling up my arms and legs will do that to me.

Friday, the invasion continued but was lessened with pumped streams of Kaboom!  although I couldn’t spend the day on defense.  It was my first day in one of my classes.  I’m taking three classes this semester, Photoshop (again), In Design and Social Media somethingerother.  I may have been too zealous on the continuing education but everything sounds interesting at one in the morning while registering on the computer, doesn’t it?

Sunday, the pantry was still airing out from the bug spray that I eventually had to use on Saturday.  I kept wishing they would have decided on their own they preferred to be outdoors ants.  They didn’t and have moved upstairs to the bathroom sinks.  I don’t want to think how they got there.  I’m taking the Scarlett O’Hara approach on that one.  I’m sure they will be there tomorrow.

The kitchen is still a mess holding all pantry items.  Every inch is taken except a pull out bread board which was enough to pipe out a couple sheets of meringue hearts during a commercial break.  They were turning out perfectly – pink, puffed and sparkling, until my husband, on a play-offs half time break came into the kitchen with good intentions, per my request, reset the timer that was going off and inadvertently hit the oven temp controls and increased the heat.  A few minutes later, I smelled the combination of burnt sugar and egg whites.  They weren’t pink any longer.

I am bound and determined to make these hearts.  I have an idea that I think is going to be very cute – if I can ever get them made.  It’s on the agenda to be posted by Tuesday or Wednesday.  I’ll also be having a Vera Bradley give-away soon in the prettiest pattern.  I think you Vera fans will like it.

Let’s hope all our plans get off to a great start today.

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  1. I feel your ant pain. I got them the first night in our new house…from a tiny piece of rice krispie treat my niece dropped! Make sure to spray the outside of your house, too, if you find where they are coming in.

  2. YIkes I’m all itchy now! I’m sorry what a nightmare! I’ve heard if you sprinkle a trail of baking soda where ever they are getting in it kills them….less toxic plus you can use as prevention. Meringues looks gorgeous! Happy Monday!

  3. Ugh I feel your pain! We had moths for a while, couldn’t figure out where they were coming from…finally managed to get rid of them all but not without a few products, lots of searching and finally accepting a life with them.

    I hope your pantry is back to normal soon!

  4. Thats crazy…….good luck getting it under control, hope you get to make the cookies..they are too cute!

  5. Have you had any rain lately in your area? That always brings the ants out in my house.

    Ant baits work really well. They are small and plastic and you place them in the floor of the pantry. You can also lay a paper towel on the floor of the pantry and sprinkle it with corn meal.

  6. Oh my friend … what an adventure you could have done without. I’m sending you hugs across the miles and hoping these ants move along. xo C. (HHL)

  7. Ants are creepy – period.

  8. Ants are such a bummer! Love your positive spirit though…persevere!

    Love your blog!

  9. Ants in your pants! I mean pantry…

  10. cute!!!

  11. Oh dear.. that’s horrible. We all have these things happen every now and again (the not so fun part of having a kitchen and dealing with bugs, leaky plumbing, etc) I’m thinking about all the women that lived in the 1800’s in the rural countryside that had to deal with snakes and other creatures that would invade their homes.

    Good luck with the meringue!


  12. Been there, done that, hated it… The little buggers.

    Love the hearts! There were worth the wait.

    And Vera! My sisters are HUGE fans so I’m flying back to Ohio to drive with them to Indiana for the big warehouse sale in April. It should be a blast.

    xo jj