The Jeanapalooza Birthday Extravaganza Recap– A Pink and Orange Party

Pink and Orange Birthday Pennents

If you’ve been following the progression of birthday planning posts I’ve written, you’d know this past weekend was the big “Jeanapalooza Birthday Extravaganza” for my mother-in-law’s ninetieth birthday hosted at our home.

Balloons and birthday pennants greeted the birthday girl and forty-three guests as they walked through the front door.

Orange and Pink Party Decorations

5 Birthday Pennents on Sticks

The buffet held the birthday cake and party favors of custom m&m’s, foil wrapped peppermint patties and cookies.

Pink and Orange Birthday Cake and Favors Table

There is a cake store that only makes Bundt cakes, if you can believe that, called Nothing Bundt Cakes.  A couple weeks ago I bought a mini twelve pack that was equivalent to a dozen cupcakes in all the flavors available.  I gave them to Jean to sample with her friends so she could decide on which flavors she liked.  They were so delicious I decided to buy her two top favorites in a ten inch and an eight inch and stack them together.  I made the poofs out of tissue paper and thread them through a wooden skewer I wrapped in glittered silver tape that does not flake off, found at Paper Source.

I also made the pennant border for the cake plate with card stock, little glittery stickers with pearls and silver cord, all from Paper Source.

Cake Plate Pennent Decorations

Cookie party favors made very late the night before the party.  Even my brother-in-law, Randy, got in the spirit and piped on some icing dots.

Birthday Party Cookie Favors

Remember the m&m’s favors I posted about?  Here they are again.

Palooza Party Favors 2

A mixture of pink and orange tulips ready to be arranged with pink and orange tissue paper confetti.  I made the confetti 1 1/2 inches in diameter using a cookie cutter as a template.  I found the best method was to trace a circle on top of layers of tissue papers and to cut them by hand.

Pink and Ornage Tulips with Tissue Papper Confetti

A birthday lunch.

A vintage cake plate held a stack of paper plates that resembled a cake.

Cake Stand Used To Hold Plates

The birthday girl’s youngest son, Rob and eldest son, Randy deep in discussion over the guest list.

Rob and Randy

The social butterfly finally made it to the lunch buffet of tea sandwiches, mini croissant sandwiches, fresh fruit on mini skewers, crudités and asparagus tips wrapped in puffy pastry with herbed cream cheese.

Jeanapalooza Party Girl

The weather was sunny and warm.  Absolutely beautiful and perfect for a party.

The two without a ‘stache are mine.  One is their cousin.  Can you tell which one?

Cousins at The Party

Jean’s grandson, Scott and his lovely wife, Lela.

Scott and Lela

The birthday toast. Crème de Mure, which is a sweet, blackberry liqueur topped with champagne garnished with a blackberry were served to guests on silver trays.

Champagne Toast

The birthday girl had the best view in the house of all those who came to wish her the best.  Each of her three sons lead everyone in the toast.

Orange and Pink Birthday

The birthday girl’s brother, Jack.

Uncle Jack

Cake time!

Making a birthday wish with her middle son, Russ.

Make A Birthday Wish

Cutting The Birthday Cake

Our inscribed Waterford cake knife was used at our wedding twenty-nine years ago!

Double Layer Birthday Bundt Cakes

Eight grandchildren, four grandchildren-in-law, one very proud grandmother.

Jeana and Grandchildren 2012

The perfect ending to a most perfect palooza.

A Bubbly Birthday Gift

I hope you enjoyed the party. Thank you for dropping by today.

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  1. Wow, all of these decorations and SO cute. You can tell a lot of time and thought went into every detail. And, I am OBSESSED with Nothing Bundt Cakes. They are amazing and have been my birthday cake for the past two years!

  2. Sis, you continue to amaze me with your talent, your love and your phenomenal gift of giving. Will you throw me an amazing party when I’m ninety?!?!?!?! PLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE

  3. Wow…..what a party and fitting of such a milestone! You seriously should be a party planner….everything was amazing and perfect!

  4. Everything turned out amazing.

  5. Everything looked perfect and she looked very happy. Well done as usual! (Please tell me you didn’t host Thanksgiving, too so close to this party!)

  6. Chelsea – this was the first time I ever had one of the cakes and I would definitely do this again.

    Sis – If you’re 90 that would make me 89! I would love to be able to do this for you. lol!

    Thank you, Kathy and Carrie. 🙂

    Dana, well, I do confess I had a house full of 15 for Thanksgiving and it was a wonderful time too! 🙂 Thanks you for the nice compliment.

  7. The story told by your pictures are amazing. One can only imagine how fabulous it must have been “live” and in person 🙂

  8. You did an AMAZING job.. so much work involved here, and thank you for being so generous with this post.

    Wonderful photos and she is just adorable! Definitely the social butterfly. How lucky that she is able to enjoy this wonderful celebration as well as time with her family.

    Well done!


  9. Sorry we missed such a spectacular party! I love the pictures. You really outdid yourself this time. I hope someone throws you a big bash before you are 90!You certainly derserve one. I spoke with Jean last night and she said she had the best time ever!

  10. Oh good heavens Miss PM&P, what a gorgeous celebration you put together. The colors are so elegant and whimsical, the cake looks TDF, really (*really*) delicious. But the best part of all is the love that clearly went into all of this, and the way everyone looked to be enjoying themselves, especially the guest of honor.

    Sending you a smile,

  11. What a gorgeous party and a gorgeous birthday girl!!!

    And I got so many new ideas for this post. Thanks you! The cake stacking is so great and a fab presentation. And stacking the plates on a cakeplate– Since I collect cake plates I can’t believe I never thought of that before. How fun.

    Thanks. xo jj

  12. This is a complete work of art. I think I should add this as a link to my post about my mom’s party:).

  13. Wow! Such a fantastic looking party! Every detail is perfection and your family is gorgeous. So impressive!
    Happy belated birthday to the fabulous Jean!

    PS Is this the Nothing Bundt Cakes in Sherman Oaks? If so, we are neighbors.

    Happy New Year!!