Pink and Orange Holiday Banister Decorations

In continuing to decorate using hot pink and orange for our upcoming party, I’m happy to say I have finished decorating the banister.  This is a huge relief for me.  One thing I was reminded of, yet again, when creating a new display using all new materials, plan on it taking three times longer than you originally thought it would take.  Even though I had a vision of what I wanted to create when I purchased everything, I still didn’t know what would work well together until I started to play around with it.

I’m calling it my retro-glam look.  Sparkling glittered dusted balls, mirrored disco balls and glittered star ornaments from Crate and Barrel with lavender and gold mesh and gold ribbon with silver glitter.

stair bannister holiday decorations




stair bannister holiday decorations


stair bannister holiday decorations

stair bannister holiday decorations

The vacuum and messy table is not part of “the look”.

stair bannister holiday decorations

Wishing you a good day filled with peace that you know where your college aged children are and that they text you back immediately and call over the weekend when they say they will or return your calls so you don’t lay awake at night convinced they must be in a ditch somewhere only to finally connect because you’ve called them once again very early the morning after your panic set in and when they answer groggily after you’ve explained your night of heart-filled terror to hear them say, “Oh my gosh, mom”, like you’re nuts… accompanied with a sleepy apology where suddenly upon hearing that voice no matter what it says or how crazy they think (and know) you are, your world is good again and you can go on with your life and wrap peppermint patties in pink and orange foil and be happy.

But that’s another post….

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  1. Gorgeous…come decorate mine!! You made me laugh..been there why do us Mom’s always go to the dark side with our children!

  2. Hi Kathy, There is no other side when we worry, is there? 🙂

  3. oh my gosh, how pretty!!! I really really like it. How exciting.


  4. So stunning and festive!

  5. Great color combo! It looks fabulous and so festive!

    I know exactly how you’re feeling ~ it’s amazing what our minds can create when there is an absense of response!


  6. Gorgeous! Its so uplifting and happy….and that is afterall what the season is all about. Beautiful!

  7. Par – tay!!!

    and laughing along with you re sons! Last week one was over on your coast and texted me at midnight — your time!


  8. There is comfort knowing that I am not the only MOM who experiences the same feeling. However, it’s sad knowing that there is another Mom out there going through it as well. :/ UUUUUGGGHHHH!

  9. I am scared for the day that my littles are no longer under my roof, they will KNOW I am crazy, I will be checking on them every.single.night. Always our babies, right?

    Your banister is spectacular. You are my design and talent hero. Happy Holidays!

  10. You’ve done it again, Sis, what a beautiful banister you have created! (and just a little FYI … those panic feelings don’t stop after college! As long as your babies are not under your roof, you will be texting, calling, emailing … or perhaps taking a long midnight drive or unscheduled flight!) Cheers, xoxoxox

  11. Bahahahahaa. I don’t look forward to that but your garland is amazing!

  12. Thank you for the nice compliments. Good to know I am not alone in the motherhood dept. 🙂

  13. The bannister looks beautiful – hot pink and orange – what a stunning combination. So pretty and warm.

  14. Completely know where you’re coming from! Oh the joy of college aged kids.

  15. First off, your banisters are gorgeous! Beyond well done!

    But that last paragraph, oh my gosh YES! Laying awake imagining the worst has happened and not wanting to call or text because they might be driving…it’s pure torture. And then the relief and joy of hearing their voices…heaven. Been there so many times. And they will never understand why we are freaked out until they are parents.