I Know How She Feels

I entered two culinary blog posts in the Orange County Fair this year. 

Last year I won first place and Best of Show.  Couldn’t score any higher.

Competition was fierce this year, I was told.

I received second place for a culinary tutorial post with recipe and honorable mention for a reminiscent post with a recipe.  The honorable mention post also included a tutorial because that’s what I do and I don’t edit my routine to please the judges.  Points deducted.


There’s always Rio.  lol!

Have a winning day, friends!

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  1. Oh, I’m sure you were hoping for the best, but really, you did a phenomenal job! Congrats all the same.

    Ha, I officially sound like a mom.

  2. shoot! but your tutorial is pure gold.



  3. Congrats, anyway!!

  4. #1 in our hearts!!

  5. Next time. Maybe they just wanted to spread the wealth. You could always enter up here instead:).

  6. I hope you take gold in both events this year! Have a wonderful day!