A Message From The Other Side

As my cookies dry today and I scramble to clean the house for unexpected company this weekend, I have a bizarre story to share with you.  Whether you’re a believer in an after life or in just random unexplained happenings, you’ll probably find this odd.
It happened as my husband, Rob, and I were driving up north a couple weeks ago for the parents weekend for our son’s fraternity (two posts ago).  We were driving up the 405 freeway which takes us past LAX and into the west side of LA. 
As Rob was inching our way through the traffic I was enjoying the radio without a thought in my mind just looking out the window.  I noticed green hills to the side not far from the freeway. I began having a self conversation and silently asked, “I wonder if that’s a golf course”, thinking it was an unusual place for it to be.  As we drove further I noticed the green hills had evenly spaced indentations and it dawned on me it was a cemetery.  Just then, a loud silent voice put two words in my head… “Milton Berle!”  
It was very distinct with no other words, images or clutter and was so unexpected that it startled me.
I continued to look over at the cemetery wondering what that was all about and thought that was one of the most bizarre and weirdly random occurrences I’ve experienced.  I noticed as we continued past the cemetery there was a tall sign with a Star of David on top and the name of the cemetery – Hillside Memorial Park.
I turned to Rob and told him what had just happened.  I said, “I wonder if he’s buried there.  It wouldn’t surprise me.”  I couldn’t wait to check the internet when we reached our destination because sadly, I do not have a smart phone. (That was for my husband because my birthday is coming up)  🙂
Guess where Uncle Miltie is buried… you guessed it.
Also, when we arrived at the motel we always stay at in this college town, we found ourselves in the same room we were in the night of our horrible drunk driving accident almost a year to the day.  Another odd occurrence just a few hours after the first.
I tried to make sense out of both of these ‘coincidences’, as some people believe there are none.  I told Rob we should look at getting the same room as healing.  Even though we have gone through so much this past year emotionally and physically where unfortunately, he will be getting a full hip replacement this summer from his injuries sustained from being hit straight on, I felt the coincidence told us life goes on, we’ll be okay, we have survived and will continue to do so.
As for Milton, I still don’t know why I was involved in that.  Maybe Uncle Miltie was telling me the show must go on, don’t take life so seriously or he’s still playing to an audience. 
“Ladies and germs… a funny thing happened to me while driving on the 405….”
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  1. Wow! I understand. Been in the same situation myself. All things happen for a reason.

    Love and Hugs,
    Mrs. Kindergarten…aka…Madame Spoiled

  2. I’m a believer in those voices.

  3. I’m a believer in those voices as well. You never know….

  4. I didn’t feel a personality behind the name so maybe it was just a confirmation that I picked up on something. Very weird to me though. 🙂

  5. That is a neat story, and I do believe there are no coincidences. Uncle Miltie must have been sending you some message:):) XO, Pinky

  6. wow, i totally believe in weird things like that. i completely agree that it might have been a sign for you to live life as it comes. i can’t believe it’s been a year since your accident. i hope the hubby’s surgery is successful and you can move on from that day. in the meantime, let us know if your summer travels bring you up north! 🙂

  7. Wow – deja vu! Been there and it really makes you wonder. Surreal
    cherchez french femme

  8. Uncle Miltie is buried at Hillside Memorial??? I had no idea– And I’ve visited that cemetery many times. Strange….

    Not sure why he paid you a visit but I’d take is as a nice surprise. I view those types of things as a “visit” from an angel.

    So sorry about the hip replacement surgery for your husband. But I know people who have had it done and WOW, it’s amazing and a positive life change for them.

    xo jj

  9. Get well soonn… God is great

  10. That’s good to know, Joanna . Thank you for the encouragement. 🙂

  11. I think signs are put in front of us as many times as it takes for us to see them. Opening up to the possibility seems to open a new awareness.

  12. That is so weird! I wanted you to go to the cemetery and see what he wanted!!! LOL

  13. Carrie, I agree but why Milton? 🙂

    The Mrs., I was kind of thinking about that too! Like minds. 🙂