Vera Bradley Small Kisslock Wallet… love it!

I’m still feeling the love from attending the Vera-Palooza this past weekend where, if you read my last post, you read about the Vera Bradley A Colorful Day event in Las Vegas that I had such a wonderful time at.

Vera Bradley Kisslock Wallet 747 copy

One of the speakers was a charming representative from Real Simple magazine. She showed different existing VB products with new uses.  My favorite idea was using the mini hanging/cosmetic bag as a sewing kit or travel kit with first aid supplies.  I also liked the idea of using the garment bag to hold linens and table cloths in the off-season.  Why can’t function be pretty as well?

One new addition to the Vera Bradley line is the small Kisslock Wallet.

Vera Bradley Kisslock Wallet 761 copy

It first caught my eye on the website.  I was hoping to see it in my local store when the summer patterns debuted but unfortunately, they didn’t carry it.  I found it at the Colorful Day event and it’s the perfect size for running errands when I want to zip in and out somewhere quick or to take with me when I travel.

I’d like to show it to you…

Vera Bradley Kisslock Wallet 745 copy

I wanted a small, light-weight wallet to hold only the necessities of my larger wallet – a couple credit cards at most, my Starbucks card (‘never leave home without it’), my ID and a few dollars. 

Vera Bradley Kisslock Wallet 751 copy

The CVS, Sephora, GNC, Godiva Chocolate (shhhh) rewards cards and various grocery store cards that I never use anyway because I key in my phone number but still carry in my larger wallet(why do we do that?) can stay at home with my heavy handbag.

I fly into the cleaners, run in to grab a bottle of prickly pear syrup for margaritas (see prickly pear margarita post coming this weekend  Martini glassnote to self – take the BevMo card with me) and save some wear and tear on my neck and shoulders from carrying a heavy bag which I usually do.

Don’t you love the big, shiny gumball-sized kisslock closure? 

Vera Bradely Kisslock Wallet 760 copy

The change pocket can also accommodate my car’s keyless remote.  Perfect fit!

Vera Bradley Kisslock Wallet 754 copy

And I can’t get enough of the 60’s inspired interior retro print. 

Like, it’s so groovy, Vera B.  I dig it!!   Red heart

Vera Bradely Kisslock Wallet 753 copy

What do you dig about the Kisslock Wallet

Have a colorful and groovy weekend, friends.  Peace

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  1. I wish I could just run without my HUGE purse. This here girl just can’t. In fact, I am uuuuber jealous that you can! I have been eyeballin’ a Lilly bermuda bag, but heck they are sooooooooo tiny! Lordy that goodness I have my huge kate spade packed to go to dinner tonight! hahahaha! That VB pattern is just darlin’! I love the kisslock closure…so very swanky!

    Love and Hugs,
    Mrs. Kindergarten…aka…Madame Spoiled

  2. Dear Mrs. K. – I own the Lilly Bermudas. They are still in the box along with my memories from the 80’s! 🙂 I have to take them out for some sun this season. lol! I tell ‘ya, this little gem of a wallet would be perfect in the Bermuda bag. You just gave me a great idea! Have a wonderful dinner. Have a martini on me! 🙂

  3. I love the whole retro feel of the kiss lock wallet.
    Leave ti VB to design “the” perfect wallet.
    May you enjoy many happy errand days in your future.

  4. Such a cute wallet and I love that color! Looks a little too small for me though…I have my Turnlock Wallet packed full, haha

  5. Great looking bag, I love the design and colors….

  6. So cute and I love the colors

  7. It’s perfect for traveling too! I only travel with what I really need, ID, insurance card and a credit card…less is more attitude! Love this…perfect for my soon to be grad!

  8. Wallet is very beautiful, especially this wonderful shade of green.

  9. Bronco Mom, well, if one has to run errands might as well make it as pleasant as possible. 🙂

    Alison, Limes Up is my favorite. So cheery and upbeat. 🙂

    Tina and Kim, I love the green and turquoise together. Very 60’s. 🙂

    Kathy, oh my gosh, I can’t believe she is graduating so soon! The Grand Traveler would be great for her too to visit home with. (no commission-lol!). 🙂

    Piece du Journey – I can tell you have wonderful taste! 🙂

  10. Love the color. So festive.

  11. Love it!

  12. Ahhhh – so cute, I could use that! My shoulders hurt from schlepping a big heavy bag around!
    xo Cathy

  13. Hi Leigh, Ashly and Cathy. 🙂 I think it’s so summery.