Seattle (Macaron) Space Needle Cupcake Topper

space needle285 copy

This past weekend my family had two occasions to celebrate so I decided the requested chocolate cake would incorporate both upcoming events – a Valentine’s Day birthday of my brother and the departure of my nephew, his wife, and baby-to-be who leave this week to make Seattle their new home.

When I thought of Seattle, it was obvious to me what I had to make – the space needle!

 Seattle Space Needle Macaron 274 copy

I made a batch of lemon macarons without color tinting for half of a cookie to be placed  on top of the support base I made out of gum paste.  The remaining macarons I filled with Italian meringue buttercream laced with lemon curd made from the Meyer lemons from my nephew’s tree.  It was quite a project for the one little cookie half I needed.  And yes, I tried a full macron but it looked like a Big Mac sitting up there.

For the flagpole, I coated a strand of spaghetti with royal icing and attached a gum paste flag I made with a red royal icing heart.

Seattle Space Needle Macaron

My intension was to make enough towers for all the cupcakes.  After making one tower I decided to make a cake instead with one tower!

Something else reminded me of Seattle – coffee beans.  I found chocolate in the shape of coffee beans that were perfect to be placed on rosettes around the edge of the cake.  Since we were celebrating a Valentine’s birthday, I added hearts along with pink chocolate curls.

cake273 copy

Come a baby in July, ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ is going to have a whole new meaning! 

Seattle Space Needle Macaron


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  1. WOW such an awesome cake…..I love Seattle such a fun city…good luck to your families move and upcoming baby!

  2. You are too much, sis! Thanks for coming up and sharing the celebrations with us.

  3. hopflower says:

    Good lord. How clever of you! It is absolutely appealing on many levels. You are so inventive. I cannot say I would have thought of such a thing; and it looks yummy. 🙂

  4. Hi Kathy – I have never been up there but I look forward to visiting. 🙂

    Cheryl – It was a fun day and I was so happy it worked out that we could be there. xoxo 🙂

    Hopflower – Thank you! Half my fun is seeing if I can make what I visualize. I become kind of obsessed until it works out. We ate out a lot this past week. lol! 🙂

  5. Love your true.

    Sleepless in Seattle…definitely. I always look at young innocent parents to be, and think, “They don’t know what they are getting themselves into.” It’s wonderful, but the young years are hard.

  6. What a wonderful treat you created! love the “sleepless” in Seattle touch…our first nephew and baby in our family (on my side) is my brother’s little boy Matthew and he was born last July!! xo Happy Valentine’s Day! Blessings, HHL

  7. Just DARLING!

  8. That’s awesome! What a great idea, so cool! 🙂