Raspberry Ice KitchenAid Stand Mixer

I have 3 KitchenAid stand mixers.
Don’t hate me because I’m certainly culinary-appliance spoiled.

I’d be adding the Williams-Sonoma Susan G. Komen edition stand mixer if I hadn’t received a Pro 600 series model for Mother’s Day this year.
I now have 575 watts of marvelous with a 6 quart capacity sitting on my counter and we’re still making friends but my head has been turned by this beauty ~

“Hello Gorgeous!”

It’s the Raspberry Ice Artisan, 5 quart, 325 watt.
Perfect for regular needs.
It’s exclusive to Williams-Sonoma with sales benefiting the Susan G. Koman foundation.

I can see it on my counter with flame decals adorning it like Alton Brown’s.
Who wouldn’t want this bad girl in their kitchen all tricked out?

I took a trip to W-S and it is absolutely beautiful with the metallic sparkling paint job glittering in the light. I am so smitten, I admit it. My birthday is next week. Can you see 4 mixers in my kitchen? Please someone buy it so I can share in your joy and get it out of my system. 🙂

For a limited time only. When it’s gone, it’s “Arrivederci, baby cakes!”

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  1. oh my! I love this.. too bad I have no reason to get one. Very cute!


  2. Oh you should get it. With your future on the Martha Show as the official cookie lady, you’ll need it! xoxo

  3. isn’t it fabulous~mine is ‘grape’ a gorgeous purple, but I am craving this one also! don’t think I can justify having two, sadly..

  4. IN LOVE!!!!!!! I have the French blue and love it, but this is BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Wow that is pink!! I have one and feel pretty lucky! $ that is just crazy but understandable! Have a wonderful day!

  6. Gorgeous indeed! You so deserve it….think its a match made in baking heaven:)

  7. I saw this in the W-S window, and my jaw dropped! Love it; enjoy!

  8. Wow, She’s a looker. You could bedazzle her.

  9. That is absolutely beautiful!!!! I would buy it right now if it hsd higher wattage.


  10. Beyong gorgois. Wish I had enough counter space to get one.

  11. The pink wasnt available when I got mine :O( Why dont you let the company know you did an ad for them and they might give you a discount?

    How gorgeous is this gem? Your batters will truly be in the pink, blessings, redraven.

  13. I saw this on my last trip to WS and fell in love! Too bad I don’t have a reason to buy it…my classic white KA mixer works perfectly!

  14. Love that color. You need those things with all the cookies you make and bake. 🙂

  15. It is PURTY!!! I’m dreaming of one too!

  16. Hey this is a beauty! I would love to have this bad girl in the kitchen. Currenly, I´m in Argentina. I decided to rent an apartment in buenos aires mainly because of this, because I wanted to be able to cook myself, not to have everything done like in a hotel. And in the kitchen of this apartment I got, I had the best elements to cook and prepare anything I want. This instrument seems perfect to make cakes with Dulce de Leche (which is the typical ingredient of Argentina for any dessert). I´d love to try it!

  17. LOVE!!!! Mine is one of my very wedding gifts!!! Can’t believe you have several. So jealous! What a fun kitchen 😉

  18. “ok” “ok” “ok” everyone i was the first one to get my hands on this new color mixer in the united states kitchenaid and the susan g koman foundation put only 3 up for auction on ebay before they were released to the public but believe me it did not come to me with out paying a heafty price but all proceeds from the auction were donated to fighting breast cancer so the price did not matter to me and besides that i got a free extra glass mixing bowl w/the lid from kitchenaid so all worked out well it really is beautiful it reminds me of a perfect raspberry nailpolish i have used it all ready a few times and it is as quite as a kitten when it is not in use i keep it covered so nothing comes within reach of it i guess you could say i fell in love at first sight and if your able to get your hands on one please do so you will not regret it and on top of that a portion of your donation will go to fight breast cancer so it is well worth it and you will get it at a fraction of the price compared to what i paid 🙂