The Pippa Bag With A Side Of Pappagallo Espadrilles Updates

My ‘Pippa’ bag arrived.

The bag was formerly called the Bristol Bag by Modalu of London but as soon as Pippa Middleton was seen the day after the wedding carrying it out of the Goring hotel it was quickly renamed.

They are sold out on the Modalu website but they are taking pre-orders for a new batch.

Must have been a rough passage.

It can be seen in Spain this weekend. “Hola, mi amiga”!

It certainly is making the rounds.
I wish mine could be seen with a hunky… uh, never mind.

And speaking of Spain, or things made in Spain…

… an espadrille update, and this is rather embarrassing, but I found a link to them on my own blog! The link I provided in my last post took you to a post I had written in 2009. Being new to blogging then I was adding hyperlinks to photos and not in the body of posts where it is easier to find. I clicked on the photo and ‘ta-da’ there was the link to
Andre Assous’ espadrilles. If you read the post (no pop quiz) you would have seen he used to design espadrilles for Pappagallo and then later teamed with Jacque Cohen.

I wasn’t ready to embrace my late 70’s and early 80’s material girl 2 years ago but I did today.
In navy and white.

Besides, have you seen the come back of the 70’s wedges?
It’s all that’s out there.
Let us former Pappagallo espadrille lovers rejoice!!

I close with one more reference to Spain where the rain stays mainly on the plain…

… and in the OC today where it is currently pouring.
I washed my windows yesterday.
This is clearly my fault. I do apologize.

Have a wonderful week ahead! πŸ™‚

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  1. oooh i think i need this bag!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I am now on the hunt for that bag and I too was unwilling to embrace the wedge, but there are so many great versions,I plan on picking up a pair…or two…or three πŸ™‚ XOXO

  4. Such a pretty bag you are one lucky girl!!

  5. I want that bag – NOW. And I love espadrilles. Have my whole life – seriously. And how I wish I had all my Pappagallo flats from the 60’s. Remember the big flower on them? LOVE. I love the Kate Spade striped espadrilles this summer. πŸ™‚ Can’t you just see us on the Riviera in linen pants with our new espadrilles and that guy in the picture? Oh just kidding Mr. Pink ;-). xoxo

  6. I love your new bag.

  7. Oh, you make me laugh. Great post. Have a great week.

  8. Alright. This bag looks awesome. I think this is gonna be my splurge of the summer πŸ˜€ Do you carry it as a tote, or in the crook of your arm? You should do a What’s In My Bag post!

  9. You make me laugh too! So glad you found your link, now put it in your favorite places. The bag is beautiful and I want one!

  10. That’s one tough cookie to arrive unscathed in that batter-ed box!
    xo Cathy

  11. LOL-ing the whole Pappagallo shoe thing (and remember their sweaters?) – They were one of “the” shoe brands to have in the 80s!

    Glad you find one (or a good copy!)

    Happy wearing!

  12. The bag is great but I covet those espadrilles , giggle.I always enjoy my visits to your lovely blog.I hope you’ll stop by Katherines Corner. The new giveaway is up! xo

  13. Love that bag! I was looking everywhere for it! How much did it end up costing you?!