Decorated Chick Cookies!

decorated chick cookies

One chick is back in the nest from college for spring break and I’ll have the other for a few precious days beginning tomorrow night so before I take a few days off to enjoy being a mother hen again I wanted to show you how easy these little cookie chicks are to make.

I could say I was making them for my chicks homecoming, (how cute would that be) but I really made them to try out for an order I have coming up.

decorated chick cookies

What You’ll Need:

decorated chick cookies
Chick cookie cutter or template
#2 Decorating tip
Pastry bag(s)
Black Dragees for the eyes (or black icing)
Sanding Sugar – pastel yellow
I used India Tree brand found at Williams-Sonoma. It’s fine in texture and light in color.

Royal Icing Colors~
Black (if not using dragees)
Americolor or Wilton gel color

Sugar Cookie Recipe and Instructions
Perfect Consistency Royal Icing Recipe and Instructions

Outline the chicks with a #2 tip in orange icing, making cute little feet.

decorated chick cookies
Fill in with thinned yellow royal icing (you can spoon it in) and add a dragee for the eye or use a dot of black icing.

Sprinkle with sanding sugar and let set until dry.

decorated chick cookies
Shake or brush off excess sugar from the cookies.

For presentation ~
Fill a small bowl, basket or add a very small bunch to a cello bag with Easter Grass.
I love this shredded paper from Williams-Sonoma.
A little goes a long way and it puffs up big time when you open the bag.

decorated chick cookiesOf course, add your chicks.

decorated chick cookies
I was wondering what a group of chicks is called.
Do you know? Hey, no Googling!!
The answer is in the comments section and yes, I had to look it up too. 😉

Enjoy your week.
This mother hen will surely be enjoying hers!

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  1. These are fabulous!! I love them! So Springy!

  2. … and the answer is… A group of chicks is called a ‘clutch’ or ‘chattering’. A group of chickens is called a ‘brood’ or a ‘peep’ like the candy!! Here’s a link for animal group names from The Old Farmer’s Almanac for kids. It has a whole list and is pretty interesting. It would make a fun driving game for a long trip to pull this one out of your hat. 🙂

  3. thanks for the answer because yes, I’d be googling right now! The brood from across the street is out front and even tho there are no peeps with them, they do chatter a lot! Love the peep cookies! Enjoy the week with your peeps!
    xo Cathy

  4. Lady Kate says:

    Have fun with all your chicks!

  5. These are too cute! Kori xoxo

  6. sooo cute!! Mine would absolutley not look like this if I made them… haha

  7. Oh my gosh they are just too cute! I’m so happy spring is here 🙂

  8. too pretty to eat!

  9. You always amaze me with how creative you are! Love these!

  10. Those chicks are SO ADOREABLE!!

    Enjoy your Springs break with your chicks!

  11. You’re at it again. And they are as cute as ever. I’ll need these in a few years for my grands Easter basket? Right? XOOX

  12. If you’d like to adopt this chick, I’d be happy to pop in for the holidays and devour adorable cookies! =)

    Too cute!

  13. so adorable! I might attempt to make these.. but I bet they don’t turn out as cute as yours.


  14. These are just SO cute, I really want to try and make them!! I just am scared they will turn out all a mess!

  15. Have so much fun with your real life chicks.

  16. cute cute cute. I wonder if mine will look half as good as yours???

  17. These are absolutely adorable…have fun with your children over their break!!

  18. Very cute. Your boys must really feel special, having you for a mom!

  19. You always inspire me and remind me of all of the things I should be doing!!!! Love the chicks!!

  20. Love those adorable chicks! I’m going to have to buy some new cookie cutters and try this!
    Have A Wonderful Night!
    Nancy xx 😀

  21. I am inspired. Where’s my roll of cookie dough with the chicks in the middle? hey, big time congrats on being featured on dreamers into doers! too neat.

  22. These are so cute!

  23. Too cute and look yummy!

    Check out my blog!

  24. How did I miss these? They are adorable!


  25. Those are simply adorable! Thanks for the fun trivia, too… 🙂