Founding Father Cookies

Can you guess which founding father these cookies represent?Benjamin Franklin Cookies
Here’s another hint…

Benjamin Franklin Cookies
I bet you’re getting warm.

What about if I added bifocal glasses?
Over the past few years, I am personally thankful he invented these.
I could not decorate cookies without my ‘cheaters’. 🙂

Benjamin Franklin Cookies
Here’s all the clues together.

Benjamin Franklin Cookies
If you guessed Benjamin Franklin, you’re right!

Bowers Museum in Santa Ana is having an exhibit of his personal items and it’s a wonderful trip for kids.

I made quite of few baskets of cookies for sponsored give-away tickets from Bowers. The cookie baskets accompanied the tickets. I think Ben would have enjoyed a cookie or two himself!

Benjamin Franklin Cookies

Wishing you a revolutionary week, my friends!
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  1. Penelope from Meyers Inc. says:

    Just found your blog through the enchanted home and wanted to say these are too cute, you are really talented and being someone who does not cook to save her life i am always in total awe of anyone that can bake like you can..such creativity. Love it!

  2. Thank you Penelope! 🙂

  3. you’re such a talented baker and designer. How appropriate for the museum giveaway and very generous of you!

  4. Bet Ben would have paid a few of his namesake bills for these cookies!!
    xo Cathy

  5. You continue to outdo yourself!! I’m gonna see you on Martha one day :-)!!!
    Did you know that {according to our textbook} Benjamin Franklin was also the first millionaire 😉 – yea, I used to teach American Literature, so I still remember a few tidbits ;-)hehe XOXO

  6. Lucky recipients! As a Philadelphian, I recognized all of the clues.