Work piled up.
Offices neglected.
Wrapping/junk room to be dismantled.
Calendars needing to be updated.
Copy to revise.
Photos to edit.
Website to complete.
Cookies to decorate.
Decorations needing to be put away.
One son back at college.
The other to return tomorrow.
Overwhelmed but functional.
Wonderfully hungover on holiday happiness.

Got to get crackin’.

What does today have in store for you?

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  1. Let the un-decorating begin…ugh!

  2. Happy New Year! May you complete your list quickly and efficiently! Thankfully, my decorations were tucked away yesterday…always feels good to tackle that task!

  3. Haha! I love this little photo- too cute. Yes, there is way too much to do after the holidays, but first things first- start working on eating those yummy leftover! Ha!

  4. Oh boy, that is quite a list! Good luck with everything. Tomorrow is another day. More cookies?? When are you opening up shop??

  5. LOL, that’s funny!!

    Hope your day is blessed friend!

    XO, Daph

  6. too funny, and oh how I can relate. Three sons to get back to college soon and more undecorating to do…

  7. Oh good gravy! That is a list on steroids! Hopefully by this time you have accomplished some of the items most important (or critical) to you.

    I’m sending you a smile!