Cookies, Picnik and Bokeh Hearts!

Originally this was going to be a post on a Valentine’s Day cookie with a familiar look but I decided to share my heart bokeh find with you. You know what bokeh is, right? ~the little glittery out of focus lights on your photo.

Cookie Note~
I created this decorated cookie design for my niece’s nautical themed wedding this past September but with pink hearts they’re perfect for Valentine’s Day too.

Nautical Wedding Part 1
Nautical Wedding Part 2
Nautical Wedding Part 3

Okay, back to bokeh ~

Because my camera and I don’t seem to be getting along very well lately, I Picnik-ed the heck out of both photos. If you aren’t familiar with Picnik it is a free online photo editing site that allows you to have a lot of fun by adding text, frames, graphics, making collages and offering a lot of very cool things to preoccupy your day when you know you should be doing something else of much greater importance.

For both the cookie photos I added a fun effect called Bokeh Hearts. You can find it by going to the Create tab, then the Seasonal tab, then Valentine’s Day. You will find Bokeh Hearts there. They also have Glittery Stars – oh-so-pretty.

Here is some fun I had on Picnik with a holiday photo of my guys. This was especially for College Boy2 who muses he is missing the beard and chest hair gene that runs in the Norwegian side of the family. With a click on Picnik he now has Santa subtle stubble!
Ho! Ho! Ho!

Here’s another example of a photo with and without the Heart Bokeh and added text.

I wish I could make my cookies with bokeh!
(More on the champagne flutes cookies next week.)

This is addicting. I better go and actually do something of much greater importance.

Have a marvelous Monday and a terrific week, friends!

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  1. Awesome!! they look yum!! I wish I could lay my hands on that!!! Thanks for sharing it!!
    valentine special

  2. I love your posts, I really do! Those are great cookies. I hope you write more about the wedding later on. I love a wedding!

    The champagne cookies are great, too. I’ve never heard of picnik so I learned something new. I don’t need another time sucker. I think my husband would argue that my blog is becoming one big “timesucker” next to Facebook.

  3. Looks great …love your cookies! I use Picnik just renewed my Premium account worth the 2 dollars a month I use it and my daughter all the time. Have a wonderful Monday!

  4. Oh my, I just love these!!!! You are so talented friend. I wish I had 10% of your creativity!

    Hope your week is blessed!

  5. Ohhhh I can’t wait for the champagne cookies recipe!

  6. I love the Bokeh hearts on those cookies! Great Valentine’s Day touch 🙂

    Team Picnik

  7. Happy Monday to you PM&P!!

  8. Fabulous find!! Thanks for sharing… this could be great for scrapboking pics too!!! happy Monday..HHL

  9. With, without, whatever. I want one of those cookies!! xoxo

  10. I’ve got the late night munchies and I am yearning for a champagne flute cookie!! Or a Soul Matey. That is always the problem with coming to your blog!! I guess I should stop by earlier in the day!!

  11. YAYYY!!!! the nautical will always be my favorite! <3 i <3 AP!!!

  12. I love, love, love the sailor cookies! Those are precious! Your cookies look amazing! So glad I found your blog!