Decorating Desserts For New Year’s Eve

I have an easy dessert decoration to share with you for New Year’s Eve.You can make any round dessert look like a clock by using candy coating chips.

I made individual Kahlua cheesecakes with an Oreo cookie crust in fluted tart pans with removable bottoms but any dessert will do.Turning over the coating chip to the bottom side gives a nice flat surface to pipe Roman numerals on.
The hands of the clock were made by piping coating chocolate onto waxed paper and let to set. When they were hardened, I took gold luster dust and brushed it on.
Sorry I don’t have a photo but I think you get the idea.

Small chocolate ‘confetti’ curls were made by shaving additional coating chocolate chips with a vegetable peeler and then sprinkling them on top of the cheesecake clock face.

Gold and silver dragees gave it an extra glam touch.

A single perfect fresh raspberry was placed in the center.
Since a caterer was picking up the cheesecakes to transport to a party, I secured the raspberry with whipped cream so it wouldn’t roll around on the surface.

I then tucked in the tips of fresh mint leaves under the raspberry for a little more contrasting color.

Place the chocolate hands at 11:50 or 11:55 and count down until midnight with every bite!

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  1. You always have the most wonderful and creative ideas.

  2. Thank you! 🙂

  3. Almost too pretty to eat! You are truly talented!

  4. Only you could be this darn clever! I love this idea. Now if I could only stay awake until midnight! 🙂


  5. So pretty!!! What a great idea!!! 🙂

  6. These are stunning! I would love to try this idea on one cake. I think I might have the patience for that. I hope in the New Year you might post a tutorial on how you store/freeze your dessert and baking components before and after assembling. Unless, of course, you plan to include that info in the book you should be writing! xo

  7. What a great idea, and a great looking dessert for New Years eve! Are you entertaining this year? I think we are laying very low this year. Not even sure if I will make it to midnight! I hope you and your family have a very Happy New Year!!

  8. You have such talent. It makes me smile to think of all the ordinary items you create to look so magical.

  9. Love, love, love it! I can hardly wait to give this idea a whirl. Unfortunately, I’ll be alone on New Years, so it will have to wait for another occasion. Gorgeous idea!

  10. This is an amazing idea! Love it!

  11. So cute! Love all your ideas!!! Happy New Year to you!

  12. You are the design diva of baking Ms.P!
    Wishing you and the family a happy New Year!

  13. I pray that 2011 brings you many blessings!! Happy New Year! Much Love, Daphne

  14. Those clock cookies are amazing! They are sooo cute. My good friend is having a 45th bday party for her husband who is a huge antique watch collector and I think that those would be amazing to serve as part of the dessert. Great idea!