Staircase Decorations – Two Holidays In One

stair bannister decorated for thanksgiving and christmas
I love my winding staircase and I particularly love it all lit up and decorated for the holidays but it always seems to be a scramble to get it up right after Thanksgiving so we have more time to enjoy it. With both boys making a limited appearance for T-day before they return to school, I rather be enjoying our time together instead of fussing with decorations especially in the other room.Thanks to a friend I saw at the high school’s football game last week (that’s right, you can’t keep a good marching band booster alum away when its the cross town rival game) she gave me a wonderful idea to incorporate my fall decorating into the basics for Christmas ~

I thought her idea was genius!! It was like my own personal V-8 moment.
It makes so much sense.

Here’s Julie’s tip ~

Put up the green garland on the stairs now and decorate with raffia and colored leaves for Thanksgiving.stair bannister decorated for thanksgiving and christmasstair bannister decorated for thanksgiving and christmasMy beautiful, faithful, BBF helper, Violet.

With the most cumbersome task for my Christmas decorating finished we can sparkle for our dinner party this weekend and for the entire Thanksgiving holiday. Then I’ll just change out the leaves and raffia with the base structure already in place.

Now it’s your turn!
What are your brilliant time-saving decorating ideas?

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  1. That is a fabulous idea!! Time saving around the HHL household has been – renovatios … so its been difficult to do any decorations .. hopefully this year we will be bale to have some decorating… xo HHL

  2. I love your staircase & I love Violet. I don’t have a tip on the tip of my tongue, but I am done with my Christmas shopping already. So I guess my tip is: shop early = stress less.

  3. Oh, you are a clever one, PMP. I hope to share some decorating tips a bit later, but, in the meantime, I did make and froze a good bit of cookie dough this weekend for holiday baking later.

  4. Wait. That’s YOUR staircase?!? I thought you nicked it from some swanky design blog!

  5. A great idea, and it looks beautiful.
    I’m not one bit ready for Christmas this year. No shopping done, no decorating either, and we’ll be away for Thanksgiving.
    I don’t think I’ll be doing my staircase or railings this year since we’re still in the process of adding the wrought iron balusters.
    I’ll just have to enjoy yours!

  6. oh i love that staircase decor:) so pretty and gave me such inspiration to do that to my banister;)

  7. OOh I love this idea 🙂 I might actually have to try this and get my greenery out for the stairs, wish mine was as pretty as yours though! My neighb and I are going to start a cocktail of the week, last week I made us Bellinis, this week it’s her turn and she’s going to surprise me 😉

  8. Brillant idea!

  9. Lady Kate says:

    Beautiful staircase! Wow….is it time to think about Christmas already?

  10. Please tell your friend that I appreciate her suggestion!

  11. HHL ~ Oooo renovations. I’d choose that over a pretty stair case any day. Lucky girl. 🙂

    Posh ~ How can you be so organized with the Twincesses? You are a marvel, girlfriend! 🙂

    T&C Mom ~ You would think with all the cookie dough I’ve made I would be so wise to do that too. You have inspired me! 🙂

    LPC ~ You flatter me. 🙂

    SJN ~ You are always doing something beautiful to your home. I wish you would come out here and help me. You are so talented at it. 🙂

    hiyaluv ~ It makes it so much easier and last night I actually lit candles and sat in my livingroom! 🙂

    Denise ~ I like how your week is turning out! 🙂

    Formerly Frau ~ Thank you (for Julie). 🙂

    Lady Kate ~ Time to have that group that borrowed your home to put up the twinkle lights again but this time take pics and invite me over to see them!! 🙂

    Bronco Mom ~ I will. 🙂

  12. Gorgeous! So simple but huge impact!

  13. Thanks for the idea! I was just contemplating what to do about my mantle and this gives me a great idea…use the pine then remove the autumn and add the Christmas!

  14. Hi there, I have given you a blog award! The Stylish Blogger Award! Just click on my name and go to my blog to pick it up and to play it forward by following the few rules…

    Pinkim from Truly Simpy Pink

  15. Violet is such a cutie!

  16. What an incredible staircase and it should be shown off to the max. It’s such a great idea to use greenery with a Thanksgiving motif which can easily be switched off for your Christmas decorations. I’m sure your sons like seeing their home decorated when they get a school break.

  17. Decorating the stairs for Christmas is indeed arduous. What more if it’s spiral, right? Just imagine what I went through. But hey, it’s all worth it in the end, right? There’s no good thing in the world that’s achieved without working hard for it. I like what you did with the garland!