Lit Mercury Glass Globes

I’m waiting for these.

pottery barn lit mercury glass globes

According to the PB sales associates at my local store they weren’t even aware these gorgeous globes were being offered this season until I happily educated them. What a pity since I took this to mean they probably won’t be displayed as part of the season’s change out.

pottery barn lit mercury glass globes
Curious, I returned last week knowing the display elves had completed their holiday magic and they were no where to be found.

pottery barn lit mercury glass globes
The catalog states they will be shipped Dec. 13 which unfortunately might be too late for me. I think they should be discounted by then, don’t you? I wonder what the hold up is?

PB has beautiful mercury glass candle sticks that are tall and spectacular. I did happen to buy a small vase and a cachepot so I didn’t leave empty handed but these glowing spheres really said cozy, sparkling holidays to me.

Is there something you are coveting this season?

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  1. Please darling keep us posted I LOVE these glass balls, lelt us know if you can find them sooner… great idea, maybe we should all buy them on sale for next year…. but you are right arrival 13 Dec? What are they thinking!?

  2. Those are really beautiful!

  3. I want them!!!! They are gorgeous.

  4. I would love it if stores would educate their staff! Even the min wage p/t ones!

    These balls are very pretty – might be nice out all year round :O)

    You are doing some awesome promo for PB!

  5. Those are beautiful.

  6. What a delight they would be … I hope you are able to get them. This year I’m just happy that our renovations are finally at a stage that we can put up a tree … and that I’m finally looking forward to Christmas this year… xo HHL

  7. I was at PB today and didn’t see them ~ I would have purchased a few if they had been on display. I did however manage to make a purchase of other “must haves” 🙂


  8. those are very pretty!
    i’m coveting so many things! i really like Lanvin’s new collection for H&M even though it hasn’t officially been released yet!

  9. I am coveting a magnolia wreath. I have seen so many on websites already! A small florist shop in my area offered a class on how to make them last year. The cost included the instruction and materials, you make your own along with her. I’m really, really hoping that she does it again this year!

  10. GORGEOUS!!!! I can check my PB for you if you’d like!

  11. SO gorgeous! A perfect winter wonderland in your very own home…

  12. Is there anything I’m NOT coveting this season would be a better question. I’m thinking hubby needs to get out there & make more money… Mama’s going to need some new goodies this year.

  13. Just browsing Grandinroad catalogue I spotted these mercury balls. I purchased them on line. Immediate shipping. Worth checking….. I hope this helps. Hugs.

  14. Thanks for the tip!! 🙂

  15. Love them–wonder if their supplier let them down?