Kate Middleton & Daniella Issa Helayel

Like most women my *ahem* age, you probably joined me at 3 AM pacific time to watch the royal wedding of Diana and Charles. I wanted to see that dress, the jewels, the flowers… everything!

I have to say I’m just as enamored with William and Kate as I was with his parents.

Already there has been much speculation on her wedding dress designer. One of Kate’s favorite designers is Brazilian-born Daniella Issa Helayel whose Issa line is based in London.
I think her designs on Kate are exquisite.

The royal blue engagement dress was chosen to set off the ring.
The dress was sold out immediately after its debut on Kate.

I read that this blue dress worn recently was made just for her for the wedding she attended and she loved the exclusiveness of it.

This little 2008 peachy-pink number is my favorite.
So perfect to flatter her svelte figure.

Would you like to know about Issa London?
Here’s the link for you.

You can also find Issa London at Neiman-Marcus.

And what do you think about the ring!?!

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  1. Love her style! I posted something similar on Kate:

  2. Absolutely OBSESSED with this gal. She’s beautiful and classic — like a Lauren model. BEAUTIFUL!

  3. I absolutely agree! She is a (soon-to-be) modern day princess, and I can’t wait for the royal wedding! She plays the part perfectly, and she truly is going to be a beautiful bride.

  4. the pink is my fave Kate look. she stunning and i cannot wait for the wedding. i need to order a tea cup and saucer, and a plate. some royal watchers think kate will choose a British designer to do her gown. kate can make a potato sack gorgeous. thanks for sharing and take care.

  5. It’s all so romantic. I, of course, watched the Charles – Diana nuptials and even have a stamp first edition album of issues from all over the world. The wedding I loved most, however, was that of Grace Kelly who always was my idol.

  6. I can’t wait to see and obsess over every detail!

  7. Ok, I will admit that I have always had a soft spot for William. Now that he has given Kate his mother’s ring he has an even bigger place in my heart.

  8. I remember the wedding. I remember when he was born!!! He seems to have chosen a darling girl who behaves like a true lady. Here’s hoping fate grants him the happily ever after denied his mother.

  9. Yep, I watched “the” wedding and bought every magazine with a photo spread. I hope William’s wedding is a little more “normal” in a “royal” kind of way.

    Isn’t Kate gorgeous!

    Cheers, jj

  10. I love her style 🙂 and her ring is pretty. I think that it is the sentiment that counts. 🙂 Kate’s style matches the ring’s style so all is well. However if it didn’t that would be another story. I think it looks better on Kate than Diana. 🙂