Scaredy Cat Napkin Holder/Place Card

As a continuation of my Halloween decorations, making the napkin holder/place card is so easy.

halloween cat napkin holder

Take an extra cat cut-out from the ideas on the
“Hissy Fit Halloween Garland Post”
and use the punched out holes on the cat’s back to thread 6mm ribbon through.

halloween cat napkin holder
In the ribbon loop on the back of the cat place the napkin.
Pull the ribbon taut and tie in a bow.

You can write the name of your guest on the cat with a metallic paint pen and place at the table setting as a place card.

How cute these are going to be!

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  1. SO cute!!

  2. The CUTEST ever!! xoxo

  3. Oh my gosh, that is adorable! LOVE!

  4. What a creative idea!!! HHL

  5. Too cute!! Happy early Halloween to you! xx

  6. How adorable! Such a fun idea for Halloween!