Henri Bendel et al

Shopping in NYC? But of course!
I had three stores on my list:

Henri Bendel.

I had no idea such an exquisite jewel box of a place awaited me!
I was only able to visit the first floor for less than 20 minutes but I coveted practically all I could see and my eye went to this set of three bangles.

I love subtly.
Can you see what makes it so special?
The brown Bendel stripe in the middle of the crystal.
What a lovely remembrance of 5th Avenue.

There was also this little bag that had to remain behind. Black. One side was covered in pearls with various sized round crystals. It was $800. I knew it was not going to be following me home. If it follows you home please send me a holiday card with its photo. You will love it being part of your family.

Fishs Eddy.

I gasped when I stepped through the door. I had hit whimsical china pay dirt!
Mr. P. M. took one look around from the doorway and said he’d meet me at Starbucks.
Even better!

Since our one suitcase was already at the weight limit when we left OC (not good planning on my part). I bought this for our friend who is up for Congressional re-election this year. I think it’ll warm the cockles of his little Republican heart just for fun.

To be fair they also had the other ticket.
Strange, I never looked to see who was on it.
I guess you know which side sweetens my tea (no pun intended)! 😉

They had me at the beautiful entry and steps.

I could not leave without my own NYC scarf.
Wispy and willowy blue silk.
This color mesmerizes me.
It reminds me of the skies on our trip and how most of the time my gaze was turned upwards to the enchanting architecture.

Oh yes, I do have a swizzle stick from the Old King Cole bar in the St. Regis where it is rumored the Bloody Mary was invented so I had to give it a try. One drink ~ $20, weak and tasteless without any garnishes whatsoever. I do believe there was enough profit margin to include a stick of celery or a shrimp, don’t you? They did however throw in an over-sized postcard of the mural for a souvenir and it was a lovely old-New York setting but that was a really expensive postcard and swizzle stick. 🙂

What trinkets do you like to bring home from a trip?

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  1. What beautiful treasures made their way home with you. That bracelet is devine … and one cannot have too many scarves… I was smiling at Mr. P.M.’s statement, hubby often says the same when entering a store of petite treasures. XO HHL

  2. I hope you had an absolutely fantastic time.

  3. Fishes Eddy is new to me–what a fun shop (and web site). You picked up some treasures. Love the bracelet and scarf.

  4. One of my “must shops” was The Corner Bookstore, the shop that inspired the children’s book store in the movie “You’ve Got Mail.” Needless to say, I brought home a few books, and, yes, scarves!

  5. Thank you for the suggestions ~ I’ll be adding these to my list of must visits when we go into the city.


  6. I love Henri Bendel. 🙂 Such a delish place to visit to browse. And I’ll have to check out the other places!! Why didn’t you come to Tennessee? You could’ve taken a few days here! Xoxo

  7. I heart ABC Carpet and Home, too. Love the pillow section! Glad you heard about that. Love the Bendel’s bracelet you found. And glad you made it to the St. Regis bar despite lack of garnishes. I’ve always ordered champagne there. The last time I was there Dick Cheney had been there an hour earlier. Have had some good times there. Looks like a grand time was had on your trip. The photos are awesome!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful trip. I always get a coffee mug inexpensive memento from a trip and lots of scarfs too over the years. Try to get a xmas ornament from everywhere but sometimes of the year its hard to find. You did good!

  9. OH!! That’s on my Bucket List!! I want to go shopping in NYC so baaaaaaaaaaaaad! Thanks for these shops incase I ever get there:)

  10. Oh the wonderful world of Bendel’s! Lovely bracelets you picked up!

  11. let’s say that I’ll be making a post about ABC tomorrow… love that beauty from HB…

  12. Looks like you had a blast in New York! So Happy for you!

  13. Sounds like you had fun. Bendels has always been one of my favorites. I have been meaning to do a post about Fishs Eddy – they have the most adorable cross word puzzle plates, etc.

  14. LOVE Henri Bendel!!!! There packaging is fabulous, right?