The Ouija Board Face Book Edition

I should have known better.
I heard the Ouija Board Face Book Edition was a portal to the past and things unworldly. I heard the stories of people mischievously conjuring up old boyfriends and the like. I just couldn’t leave well enough alone, could I? As the bewitching spell of current technology swept over me one night putting me into a zombie-like trance, I registered my name. That’s when it happened. I opened the electronic portal to my past. Since then I’ve been visited by 3 ghosts.
One friendly, one curious and one evil.The Friendly Ghost ~
A lovely person I was once very good friends with when I was in high school. I went to college and she married too young. Our worlds were, well, worlds apart and as expected we drifted. We once found eachother about 20 years ago but I had kids. She did not. She worked full time. I was a SAHM. We had little in common. She invited me to a reunion of a group we were both involved in then. I couldn’t attend but I wouldn’t have gone. I like remembering these women as teenagers rather than middle aged women.
I just do.

The Curious Ghost ~
Have you ever wondered if you inadvertently broke a heart you were unaware of?
I think I must have.
This ghost asked me to the prom in high school and I said no (very nicely) since I already had a boyfriend who was coming back from college to go with me but I still would have turned him down. He told me he has been asking about me for 15 years. Coincidentally he is now single. Hmmm. Funny, haven’t heard a thing back since I told him I was happily married.
I think he has moved towards the light.

The Evil Ghost ~
The scariest by far.
Being contacted by the ‘mean girl’ of my youth who was truly evil towards me. So vile in fact that I felt I must have paid my dues in pain and suffering so that my future children would surely be spared. And I was right. At first she sent a confirming message and then a friend request that I choose to ignore although I politely responded asking how she was and made small talk. She asked me where I lived. I told her ‘Coto’ and she said she almost bought a house here and still might.

Conversing with self: “Uh, did I say ‘Coto’? I meant ‘Corona’.”
(Where the hell did I put that crucifix?)
Note to self: Call priest first thing in the morning.

She wrote back saying she had 3 daughters and was pulling her hair out because, and I quote her – “I don’t remember being as bad as they are but I guess maybe I was.”

There is a god. Thank you!

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  1. I enjoyed this. Facebook is strange place. It has to be navigated with great care! I love that Karma has caught up with the bully-girl. 🙂

  2. LOL so true! I still love facebook – I keep everything on mine locked down so just my ‘friends’ can see it and keep my friend list to people I actually enjoy speaking to or have some sort of relationship with.

    Tho I have to admit I do enjoy looking up the boys who rejected me – it’s always fun to see how they look like tired old used car salesmen now :O) It’s a shame they peaked at 18.

    We have called our den Coto ever since the little one started crawling and we had to get a baby gate :O)

  3. Should you need any holy water to go with the crucifix please let me know….
    Also, I would LOVE to be facebook friends.
    If you are interested please send an email and I will send you and friend request.

  4. Oh dear .. quick call the priest .. take no chances!!! I’m like you I like to remember people as they were in our youth. If they haven’t come along with me into my present there is a reason they are in the past. XO HHL

  5. hahaha… vengeance for the mean girl from her own kids, who woulda’ thought!