The 5 Senses of Autumn

As my college boy packs for his sophomore year it feels like autumn.
The metaphor is not lost.
Another takes to the wind dancing like a vibrant leaf leaving branches bare.

I am ready to invite autumn in.

I’ll welcome it with a fragrant invitation though the essence of pumpkins and the soft glow of candle light.

I’ll treat myself to an appetizer of autumn crispness in a tart apple dipped in caramel sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.

I’ll feel the softness of down and cashmere curl around my face as the cool night air creeps in my window and rests on my pillow.

And in that stillness I lay warm and content listening to a wayward leaf that has made its way to our doorstep with a hushed crunch.
Soon it’ll be inviting its friends to follow.
The word is out.

Wishing you a peaceful and lovely transition into autumn.

I’ll return next week after my last leaf catches the wind and settles in for the fall.

candy apples ~ williams-sonoma
cashmere throws ~ williams-sonoma home

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  1. Beautiful thoughts in your welcome to the changing season. Is it my imagination or are the days and weeks passing more quickly as I grow older?

  2. I love the warm autum’s colours, and candles are never enough.

  3. We are enjoying the beginning of autumn’s beauty. It’s my favorite time of year.

    Best of luck with the departure of your son. I’m missing mine college boy this fall.


  4. Beautiful Post!!! I loved the pictures .. I’m already thinking autumn (the weather here is already quite crisp)… Will be thinking of you this week sending you warm thoughts as you prepare to send off your last leave to college.. XO HHL

  5. those candy apples are TDF!!!

  6. LOVE this post!!!!!! Just looking at the pictures of Autumn makes me sooo happy! 🙂

    Those apples are CRAZY! I need to make some of those!

  7. Beautiful!

    I am ready for autumn! My summer clothes are all packed up and my autumn clothes are making their way through the wash so they can fill my closet! Yay!

    I have already started my autumn cooking and canning!

  8. Love Autumn putting my shorts away today and getting the sweaters out!!

  9. I can tell that “bare branch” is ready this year. See… you made it. You can now appreciate your quiet time, knowing he’ll be back with the rebirth of spring.

  10. Oh, I’m sad. Just thinking, eventually they will grow little gardens of their own, right?

  11. Well said! NOW I’m looking forward to autumn even though I feel like we never got summer this year.

  12. Will be thinking of you as son #2 makes his way back to university. Enjoy these last few days of summers bliss!!!

  13. This is beautiful Miss PM&P, thank you for putting a touch of bliss on my Saturday night. 🙂