NYC Bound And Afraid Of Being The Ugly Californian

We’re going to NYC for the first time for our 28th wedding anniversary next month and I’d love your input of where to go and what to see!!

Of course, we’ve got to see the S of L and we must pay homage to Mr. P.M’s Norwegian grandparents who came through at Ellis Island.

A carriage ride in the park is on my romantic man’s agenda but is that too embarrassingly bourgeois especially with my foam crown?

Other than these things I am hopelessly lost and typically tourist.

What will make our trip truly memorable?

Californians have a bad enough rap without us standing on a corner with a map in hand and our camera dangling off the Hawaiian shirt.
Reminder: Take Hawaiian shirt to cleaners.

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  1. Have fun! I miss NYC so much! Email me if you have any questions or need recommendations.

  2. Have a great time. I did a whole weeks worth of NYC posts last week. Maybe you get some ideas of places to visit! xx

  3. I love NYC!!
    You must have a drink in the Palm lounge of the Plaza…or better yet have high tea there!

    The ferris wheel in ToysRus!

    The Russian Tea Room….omg I am so insanely jealous! Central Park in October!! *swoon*

  4. Another one here who did a whole series on my NYC trip last April. I love Manhattan. Lived there for several years. Go back whenever I can. Almost too much to say, since there’s so much, and everyone has different preferences, food, sights, atmosphere, shopping. We should talk over the phone! Maybe I am just overwhelmed at the thought of having to write all this down:). Seriously, email me if you want to chat.

  5. Have fun! Hope you enjoy every minute of your time in NYC!!

  6. We are headed there in October again too and I cannot wait!! Email me if you want some recs… I love NY!

  7. OMGosh!!! How grand for you!!! NYC in the fall is amazing … Magnolia’s in the village .. best cupcakes!!!Afternoon tea at the Plaza … Tiffany’s a must go to!!! You are going to have so much fun!! XO HHL

  8. LOVE NYC. My best high school friend lives there so I go every chance I can. Bring all black clothes and silver jewelry to blend in. Ha! I suggest going to Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Plaza) instead of the Empire State Building where lines are so long. You can reserve a time at Top of Rock. Romantic! Got to go to the MET Museum, too and the Guggenheim. Have fun!

  9. I forgot. Have a glass of champagne at the King Cole Bar at the St. Regis Hotel, too. Nice landmark. Your husband will enjoy this great gem.

  10. Happy Anniversary and enjoy your trip to NYC. i haven’t been in 3 years. I miss it and hope to return next summer. I lived outside the city growing up and even now, I still run around with a map and snapping pictures. take care.

  11. You will have a great time. Email me for some suggestions; I went for the first time this past fall, and I cannot wait to go again! If you don’t do anything else, before you go, buy a CityPass. It saves you a little money, but it saves lots of time standing in line at all the museums and attractions. I think I posted about our trip in late October or early November, so maybe that will give you some ideas, too.

  12. The art museums are incredible. I could write pages on them. The Ellis Island museum is fascinating.

    The Intrepid museum, an air craft carrier parked on the Hudson river, midtown is unique.

    The UN Tour is very interesting if only for the art pieces and you can have lunch in the delegate’s dining room. Gorgeous view of the East River.

    If you are getting last minute discounted tickets to a Broadway show, do not go to the tkts booth in Times Square, go to the one at the South Street Seaport, the line is always much shorter.

    China Town for dim sum and Little Italy for cannolis (Ferraras) although Venieros in the East Village has the best cannolis IMHO. One of my all time favorite romantic restaurants is One if By Land, Two if By Sea in the West Village. It’s a classic and it’s haunted.The new High Line Park is wonderful.

    Taking the last elevator up to the top of the Empire State building (11pm ish) with a bottle of champagne is so romantic. Hope they still let people do that.

    OK, I’ll stop now. I could go on and on…I am an ex native New Yorker and return frequently 🙂