Collegiate Cupcakes – CAL

“Does this blue and gold make my back field in motion look big?This is a collegiate cupcake post with a fashion dilemma.

cal cupcakes

In a few weeks we’re going to the LA Coliseum for the USC vs. Cal game.
And I don’t know what to wear.usc football
My fashion dilemma goes much deeper than knowing I don’t look good in gold which is one of the colors for both Cal and USC.

In fact, the color is so unflattering to my face that I am even tempted to forgo bringing a pale ale to my lips in the stadium. However, I observe a strict ‘say no to alcohol discrimination’ policy on game day so if I must be hit with one fashion penalty, this is the one.
No one can say I’m not a team player! 😉

Surprisingly green is causing my conflict of whether I should choose Cal’s blue or USC’s cardinal to accentuate my golden brew.

cal cupcakes
Let me explain.

cal cupcakes
I was born to the Cardinal and Gold.

It’s a family thing.

School spirit is defined by color .
There is no grey area.
And I’ve been bleeding cardinal and gold all my life.

But this is where the green comes in…

Cal is being beary, beary good to our son with his graduate studies and therefore to us. In fact Cal is being so good there is a glimmer of hope of one day replenishing the dream kitchen/travel/emergency liposuction (and no, I haven’t but I like the security to know I can and I’ve learned never say never) fund that took a detour while paying for his bachelor’s degree.

What’s a USC alumna/Cal mom to do?

When I ventured into the enemy’s bookstore for the move-in weekend of son1 I could only bring myself to buy a small decal and that was only because my maternal instincts kicked in to support my child. This weekend I warmed up to a Cal Tervis Tumbler I found in Bed, Bath & Beyond.
Small steps. Small steps. I cannot commit to apparel yet but Mr. P. M. has got that covered as his favorite team is whoever is playing USC (grrrr!) but cupcakes are a big step for me. 🙂

cal cupcakes
I don’t know if my appreciation for green will dictate my wearing blue on game day but like all tough decisions they can usually be solved over sugar and butter and a cup of coffee so I’m lettin’ my cupcakes do the talkin’.

I may wear blue and gold on the outside…

… but I’m cardinal and gold on the inside, baby! 😉

cal cupcakes
Topper Instructions ~

cal cupcakesToppers are easy to make.

  • Google your college logo, download and print.
  • Cut a larger circle out of a card stock paper (the blue polka dots is scrapbook paper and matches the cupcake wrapper).
  • Using double stick tape or a dab of glue, attach the logo circle to the colored circle.
  • Using a lollipop stick snapped to size, attach the stick to the topper circle with regular tape.
  • You could make a backing with another paper round if you like.

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I’m participating in Skip To My Lou’s
“Made By You Monday”

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  1. such a cute post. i love it so:) I will say i was born and raised a buckeye-so scarlet and grey for me all the way. However when I lived in So Cal and I was invited to many a USC football game I did not turn down the chance to go-in fact I embraced it and actually wore USC colors. I thought my family was going to disown me.

    I felt guilty but I knew deep down I was really a buckeye.

    Love the cupcakes! Thanks for the idea. I think I will whip up some of those soon enough-my fiance is a wolverine! haha:)

  2. I understand your dilemma ~ perhaps you could change colors/outfits at half time 😉

    Those cupcakes are so much fun! Thanks for the topper how to. I want to make something like this for our annual Oktoberfest that we host every year.


  3. No brainer here – Cal all the way cause I’m for any team that is playing USC. But I’ll love you no matter what! xoxo

  4. You are soooo clever! I grew up cheering for the Volunteers, although I didn’t go to school there, but now that Son1 is at Clemson, I’m wearing orange again, this time with purple. It’s definitely a “green” thing! And I am definitely making some Tiger toppers and cupcakes for our homecoming tailgate this Saturday. Thanks so much for the instructions!

  5. YOU ARE TOO MUCH!! So creative….. these are the cutest things ever!!!! I hope your Monday is Blessed!! XO

  6. love the cup cakes and baby steps…maybe get Cal socks next !

  7. If you don’t want to stand out where neither school’s colors. If you are caught amongst mostly Cal fans they will call you out and demand you remove your red. Good Luck!

  8. Next Saturday I’ll be happily wearing USC colors at the Trojan/Huskies football game to support son No. 2, who’s an undergrad there!

    (Luckily, no conflict, since nobody in the family went to Washington. UIllinois would be a different story.)

  9. Love this post (and love how you always include instructions!) I’m making Giants cookies tonight and I’m a Cowboys fan, so I feel your pain there! In fact, your post today gave me inspiration for my very first!
    Happy Monday 🙂

  10. What great cupcakes!

    It is always more fun to cheer for the home team. So my vote is to wear cardinal. However, since I live about 10 miles east of Berkeley, I have to say “GO BEARS!!” =)

  11. You are too funny Miss PM&P, especially in this instance.

    We do know the dilemma, as we are the result of a blended marriage as well (Michigan/Michigan State) and lordy, were there ever some nasties around football season!

    All we can say is “Let your conscience be your guide.” (But let’s not forget how beary nice that place is being!)

    Sending you a smile,

  12. So adorable. Of course, I have to say Cal. Despite the Cal/Stanford rivalry, if we support pure academic quality in the sciences (which we do:)), we have to be on Cal’s side. And BTW, I didn’t know your son was doing his graduate work there. I don’t think there’s a better grad sciences university in the world.

  13. Lady Kate says:

    “When in Rome……”you must wear USC colors!

  14. Cute and clever! I’m afraid I can’t offer up any sports advice except when it comes to the NFL (Go Ravens).

    Your cupcakes look to die for.

    Stopping by from SITS.

  15. Anonymous says:

    HAHA! I LOVE how you slipped a little Cardinal Red into that cupcake! Very cute.