The Only Emmy Re-Cap That Matters

I didn’t watch the Emmys.But I read today that Jon Hamm’s fly was down for the entire opening number.

Dang! I missed the best Emmys ever!


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  1. That is hilarious!!

  2. Seriously, how did I miss that, that is super funny!

  3. Oh, did you hear that January Jones got one of the worst dressed?? You have to try to watch Fashion Police on E sometime.

  4. Sorry I missed that! 😉

  5. Noooooooooooo, I missed it! LOL I should have paid better attention.

  6. You are too funny, little Missy!

  7. You are hysterical! Been missing you. How is it going? xoxo

  8. Heeelarious! Too bad I missed that!

  9. OMG, I missed it too!!!

  10. I didn’t watch the Emmy’s, either. I sometimes will look through the “fashions” on Yahoo afterwards, though I don’t always agree with their best and worst.

  11. I can’t stop laughing to comment!

  12. Ha! I didn’t watched them either- sorry I missed that! LOL!