Give-Away Ends Tomorrow

I’m still baking my little heart out today.
I’m on number 111 out of 150+ cookies and plan to begin decorating tonight but I just wanted to remind you that my Queen Bea Studio Give-Away ends tomorrow!I can’t wait to choose the winner!

Off topic ~ I was in Michaels buying meringue powder this morning I saw the prettiest Paula Deen cast loaf pan with a fall embossed design on the bottom that would make any banana bread or lemon poppy seed loaf so special for a fall gift and I have to confess I am obsessing now. It was just being put out today with all the new Paula goodies. I’ve looked all over on the internet for a picture but can’t find one. I may just have to buy one, for the blog, you know. 😉

Hope you are having a lovely weekend, friends. 🙂

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  1. Happy baking and decorating … Yes, Blogs need so many things … LOL… HHL

  2. ooh baking sounds so fun:)

  3. i bet you, like me, can’t wait for the Emmys {or if you’re not watching, maybe you’re excited to see photos of our fave gals all glammed up}. i’m hoping for a Mad Men sweep. 150 cookies? wow. i usually end up eating everything i bake and have nothing to serve. take care.

  4. Well you know I’m all about Thanksgiving and baking. I’m on my way to Michaels tomorrow! Sounds like my kind of pan. Good luck with your cookies, you are doing a great job!! (Trying to give you inspiration)! It will be very rewarding in the outcome. I love the theme too. I hope you had a glorious weekend, even though I know you feel a little empty nested right about now. This too shall pass….

  5. wow baking sounds so fun:love this post…

  6. I was busy baking yesterday as well! I do so have my fingers crossed for the give~away! Darlin’ bags indeed! 🙂

  7. GIRLLLLL Send some my way:)

    I have a fall pan that I got from Williams-Sonoma that I love to bake bread in!! I need to dig it out now, lol!

    Hope your day is awesome, xxoo

  8. I just ordered a Fall icon cakelet pan from Williams-Sonoma before visiting here.

    Happy baking and decorating.

  9. Looks like I missed the giveaway, but great monogram designs!

  10. I bought all of Paula Deen’s products at Michael’s and tomorrow I’m featuring a couple of them on my blog…It’s good catching up with you!