Tea With The Queen

I’m feeling very silly today.
Must be a hold-over from my childhood watching Saturday morning cartoons.

Have you ever imagined you could have tea with the queen or be in a hot tub with Wills or Harry? Now you can! Well, that is if your fantasy includes William hot tubing in a suit and if you really, really use your imagination. Or… how about tea with your favorite movie star icon?

“Will that be cream or sugar, Audrey?”
“Your little black tea cup looks divine!”

Great for an Oscar party or a hosting a classic movie night.

Bring your vuvuzela and have a cuppa.

“Please sit down, honey. I’d like to have a serious talk with you”.

All products from Donkey Products.

Hope you find your inner child today and have some fun this weekend! 🙂

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  1. Love the Audrey one! Thanks for sharing.

  2. This are wonderful!!!

  3. what a great idea. the queen and charles are very comical, and Camilla’s version is better looking than the actual Camilla. i need to check if they have a Mad Men series. thanks for sharing and take care.

  4. What a wonderful fine! Will have to check out the site. HHL

  5. So cute! I will be picking up some Audrey tea bags as gifts!!

  6. Those are awesome! I am going to see what I can buy!

  7. So fun!!!

  8. These are too cute!! On my way to check out the site!

  9. Those are hysterical! I love them!

  10. How funny !! I read “Tea with Ruby” to our girls at bedtime, so I though that’s what your post was about! Ha! Instead, I had a delightful laugh!

  11. Ummmmm. Tea with NCIS??? Tea with Mad Men?

    Please make me one cookie for my friends daughter who is being presented the first weekend in August 🙂 I’ll pay you. You are so creative and I just don’t think anyone else can please me. Let me know. xoxo

  12. ROTFL! Hilarious! Those are so cute.

    I can’t imagine being able to drink your tea without snorting it out your nose laughing at the royal family characters, LOL!

    Visiting from SITS! Have a happy and blessed Sunday!

  13. I laughed at the pig snout. Cool. Visiting from SITS!

  14. Too funny!

  15. These are too hilarious!! I love the tea people!

  16. Such fun! Thank you for sharing!

  17. Love them! How fun! =)