HELP! Any Aviary Experts Out There?

Say hello to my little friends!
I’m hoping someone can help me with these little guys but time is of the essence!

I found them on the grass today after a monsoon storm blew in.
I think their nest is gone. 5 total fell. Only these 3 remained alive.

We quickly tried to find out what to do with them and of course the information said to find the nest. I brought them inside and put them in a basket to dry. They stopped shivering and I put the basket outside on the fence where I believe the nest used to be. I’m hoping the mother will fly by, see them, and feed them. Maybe I’m naive but one can hope.

If anyone has any advice, please either comment or email me immediately. Thanks!

UPDATE: Thank you for all the ideas. The birds made it through the night and seemed very hungry today. I took the basket down from the wall last night thinking it might blow again but put it back up this morning until I saw a hawk sitting on a branch looking at them. I was afraid to look in the basket but they were still there and in one piece. Animal Control came by before 10 and picked them up. One flew down from the officer’s hands but scurried around not yet ready to fly. They assured me they would take them to a sanctuary. We believe the birds might be finches with their yellow feathers on their breasts. They were so cute!!

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  1. Awwwwwwwwww… I wish I could help but once the nest is gone, I don’t know what to do! Nature is Hell sometimes…

  2. I’m not sure either….is there a vet school nearby you could take them to? I know we have one near us that people can take injured animals to. Good luck, I hope they make it!

  3. I’d always been told that if a human touches them, the momma won’t have anything to do with them again. You might want to call your local animal shelter or St Francis of Assisi foundation. Poor little things.

  4. It is an old-wife’s tale about the human touch and the mother bird abandoning them. Birds do not have a good sense of smell, if any at all, so that is a good thing. They are alert this morning but very hungry. I am waiting until the Animal Center opens.

    Thanks for your concerns. 🙂 xoxo

  5. Your phone book should have some type of gov’t section for wildlife or section for animal rescue. sometimes even nature museums or preserves have folks to rehabilitate animals. good luck.

  6. So glad you have a happy ending. When I was about 9, my brother and I rescued two baby robins we found in our yard after a major storm. Unbelievably, our mother found us a deep cardboard box to keep them in, and we fed them raw hamburger! I guess my sweet mom kept the box clean because I don’t remember dealing with that, but in about three weeks we began taking them outside and placing them on low branches every afternoon. On the fourth day, they flew away! Amazing!

  7. I’m glad the birds are ok! I had the same thing happen just a few weeks ago and now am seeing the birds flying around out front of my house. I was so excited they made it!