50’s and 60’s Vintage Ads

I’m all a-dither this week with the approach of Mad Men’s new season!
I’ve got a great give-away planned that even Betty would love and I’m going to have some fun with a collection of Mad Men inspired decorated iced cookies I’m making along with a quiz to see if you can match the cookie to the character!

In the meantime while the cookies bake and the icing dries, I thought I’d share some ads I found from the 50’s and 60’s while looking for inspiration.

I hope you like them too.
So let’s set the dial of the Way-Back Machine with Peabody and Sherman and enjoy the pink appliances, Peter Pan collars and head bands. 🙂

“Not tonight, honey….. “Our evil plan is thwarted, ladies!
My FIL always told me the best birth control was an aspirin between the knees. 😉

Twister. Played at every slumber party I went to in 1967.
Don’t forget to wear your Peds.

Paris Styles 1966

Duz was big stuff with a glass in every box. I used to beg my mom to buy this brand just for this reason. It was my goal to make our kitchen modern one smoky glass at a time.
I think we stopped at 2.

Life Magazine 1961
Just goes to show you a simple, classic sheath is timeless.
The feathers? Not so much.

This was me from 1962 to 1968. School. Everyday.
Maytag 1961

Avon, Cherry Ice, 1960
7-Up 1963
1961It really was a less hectic and kinder time.

I wonder what will be said of this era 40 to 50 years from now?

Live it well today.


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  1. Love the posters. Especially the housewife headache. Pass me that anacin!

  2. THESE ARE GREAT! I think the fashion ones are always hilarious! (I mean, look at the runway models today!!!!)

  3. Are those pink appliances? Love them!

  4. I loved this! Unfortunately, I remember most of these products. The Avon ad reminds me of the Barbie cosmology head thingy I had probably circa 1970. I have missed all the Mad Men thus far and have been meaning to see if there’s some way to catch up before the 25th. Probably not…sigh!

    Stopping by from SITS to say hi.

    PS: Do you know how hard it is to find bloggers who lived through the 60s? Glad to have found you!

  5. Oh I can’t wait for Mad Men to start.

  6. I am sooo excited about Mad Men too and loved seeing these ads–great post!

  7. Great post! Its amazing to look back – to much simpler times…

    If future generations look back and consider our times to be “simpler” compared to what their living …I’m glad I was here now. I wish I had been here back in 20’s or 40’s…

    I have left something for you on my blog and have bosted about my win – both can be found here;


  8. Very cool!! I love old ads! 🙂

    Can’t wait to see those cookies!

  9. I remember when there were surprises in every box that came home from the grocery store. I miss those little things in life.

  10. Fabulous! What great images!!

  11. i cannot wait for the 25th. i wish i had friends that would come over and watch the premiere with me so i could have a Mad Men party. i also used to hear the “pill between legs” thing growing up. too funny! i look forward to your giveaway and i’m going to ACE that quiz! take care.

  12. Oh and I can’t wait to see your cookies! I should prolly finish watching season 1 and get on with 2 and 3!

  13. i am LOVING these — thank you for sharing!!

  14. FABULOUS. Don, Roger, and I thank you so much!! I may become Mrs. Roger Sterling this year. xoxo

  15. GREAT! My mom passed on a BUNCH of 1960 magazines to me….I MUST go through and carry this on!!!

  16. Fabulous post ~ the ads are hilarious.

    I’m looking forward to the new season but that means that summer is over and I’m back in school ~ I need a little more time.


  17. I have to admit I love those Paris fashions.

    I, too, can’t wait for the new Mad Men, but I will have to wait for the DVD next year because we canceled our cable. In the meantime, I am watching WKRP, which passes the test of time remarkably well.

  18. Hi there! I love those ad’s and everything else you have been posting. I have been computer shy lately, and kind of liking it I must say. Summer seems to be flying by and never a dull moment. I’m heading back down to Maryland tomorrow to prepare for yet another function my husband (who need Ritalin sometimes) put together with some friends. It should be nice, but very hot and humid. My some just returned home from a 17 day trip to Dublin, Whales, London, Paris and Niece with his cousin. I couldn’t wait until he returned home, safe and sound. They have been planning and saving for this trip for about 5 years. I can’t believe is came and went so fast. I hope your having wonderful summer and miss chatting!

  19. So much fun. And I can’t WAIT for that season premiere!