Sweet Sunday

The attentive and proud grandparents in the booth behind us took their young granddaughter to lunch. She was talking a mile a minute and would bring up the cutest things to talk about, non of which were related, of course.

For dessert they ordered a tall fluff of cotton candy.

It was blue and sitting at least 18″ high on the plate.

Her knees made a slight indentation in the softness of the booth’s cushion as she reached for the the top of the colored cloud. A few whisps were pulled off and offered to grandma and grandpa. When grandpa politely refused, she stopped chatting for a second. Clearly she was confused by his refusal. Then her thoughts became known ~

“But Grandpa, it’s your favorite color”!

~Witnessed at Circus Cafe, Saratoga Springs, NY

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  1. Precious. I didn’t know there are places where you can order cotton candy!!

  2. Little loves cotton candy; she would think she had gone to heaven if she found a restaurant that served cotton candy for dessert! And think of the money we’d save on circus tickets! Thanks for sharing such a sweet story! I hope the pick-up of son 2 is going smoothly. xo

  3. Haha, what a cute story! And yes, I can’t believe you could order cotton candy on a plate at a restaurant- heaven!!

  4. Aww, how cute is that. And where can I find a plate of freshly made cotton candy. That is awesome!


  5. Sweeter than candy. I’m a fanatic of the pink myself & yes I swear there is a differnce in taste.

  6. So sweet! I must admit I still love cotton candy.