Tory Burch Gave Me A Wedgie!

I was tired of flats and being vertically challenged.

So I bought what I thought might be my solution this season.

I decided to take them out for their premier last night to a lovely party among my friends most of whom are taller than my 5’3″.

I took them out of the box, admired them and slipped them on my feet and instantly enjoyed my higher elevation.

I walked to my car in the garage. I stepped of out of car arriving at our destination and crossed the street when something went terribly wrong and Tory let me down, literally. The thong snapped away from the strap and I wobbled around which felt like forever and fell onto the back bumper of a car!

I was shocked! Not that I didn’t twist my ankle but my new TB shoes were krap!

I walked into the house being even shorter than if I had been wearing flats and had to go barefoot for the entire party. Luckily these were very good friends who couldn’t have cared less but I was so disappointed my ensemble was incomplete and my joy of new shoes, dashed.

I called TB corporate today in case there was a bad batch made where someone could end up much worse than I.

So I have decided to look elsewhere where the air is not so thin. 🙂

Havaianas from Dini’s of Los Angeles

Bejeweled up close and personal. Gorgeous and safe!

Here’s a past Havaiana’s post with some more photos of all that sparkles.

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  1. Sooooooo what did they say? Are they going to replace them?

  2. Oh no! Thank goodness nothing serious happened to your foot/ankle but that’s really disappointing.

  3. That’s downright appalling. And I love my Havianas too:).

  4. that rhinestone is to die for. prima flowers makes embellishments similar to those….maybe some flip flops will get a makeover this year.

  5. So glad you’re okay! Terrible about the shoes, though. I am interested to hear how the TB customer service responded. New shoes (Revas?) and a lovely gift card, I hope!

  6. Don’t leave us hanging PM. What did Tory say???
    I learned a very long time ago flats are my best friend in the shoe department.
    Bottom line it here – Happy that you did not fall and chip a tooth or break your leg. Stupid shoes….

  7. Sorry to disappoint but I have nothing to report from TB, at least not yet. The operator took my info and story and she said someone would be calling me. I bought the shoes at Nordstrom so I will have no problem returning them. 🙂

  8. That totally stinks! Havs will never let you down though. : )

  9. I knew we had a lot in common, but what do you know… I am 5’3″ too! What a co-ink-ee-dink Ms. Pink! I would also love to be a bit taller, but when it comes to my tootsies and shoes, comfort is first in my book. So alas, most of the time I am vertically challenged and wearing flats too.

  10. No, Nordstrom will definitely give you a refund. But for the price, her shoes should do better, ya think??? Gosh. So disappointing. I can’t wait to see what kind of Customer Service you get from TB. If it isn’t good, we can blog the heck out of it. I mean really. xoxo

  11. Oh no!! That happened to me once before with an abercrombie flip flop, but I certainly wouldn’t expect to hear that happen with a pair of Tory burch sandal!!

  12. So so sorry to hear about your TBs. Glad you’re alright. Your post sounds like an excerpt out of a really good book. 🙂

  13. Poor thing! I’m glad you’re okay and not hurt. Taken down by fashion…

  14. OMG–I’m glad your o.k., and glad it wasn’t any worse that that! Funny, I was looking at those same shoes about 2 weeks ago, so glad I held off. That is pretty scary. Love the jeweled pinkies!!
    Hope your well, and have a nice week!

  15. Wow… I am really surprised. I wonder if there was some sort of fluke with your pair. I’m glad you were not hurt. I’m 5’4 and while I love heels I do feel much safer in flats!