Grace Kelly Book Give-Away!

I have finally finished
High Society: The Life of Grace Kelly by Donald Spoto

so I’d like to share the love of Grace by passing it along to one of my followers.

My copy.

Kate Spade is having a vacay contest and yesterday one question was …

“What picture was Grace making when she met her Prince in Monaco?”

If you guessed To Catch A Thief … *obnoxious buzzer*… you are wrong!

She had wrapped that film long before meeting Prince Rainier III and was in Cannes for the film festival to promote The Country Girl and to continue her affair with Jean-Pierre Aumont (while still involved with Oleg Cassini). A meeting was arranged by a French movie magazine editor who was Olivia de Havilland’s husband. The three of them drove from Cannes an hour and a half for a half hour visit in which the Prince was late but where they took a few photos for the magazine. There was no magic between them. Grace went back to Cannes to finish her publicity and then arrived in Paris to stay with Aumont before coming home for her sister’s wedding. She was on hiatus from being suspended by her studio and before filming her next movie The Swan.

Extra scoop ~ she did not have an affair with Gary Cooper but did have a short, sweet one with William Holden. Bing did propose but only because he was taken with her during the filming of The Country Girl. She considered him a good friend.

Her acting career was also a huge disappointment to her parents as were her various relationships with men that were married, divorced and/or non-Catholic.
Mummy and Daddy were not pleased.

See how much I learned from reading this book? πŸ™‚
It is mostly about her career and how empty Hollywood left her as she considered herself a stage actress but there are more gossipy morsels I have not disclosed!

So anyway, back to Kate Spade, knowing the correct answer, I did not answer To Catch A Thief but I knew it was presumed that this would be the answer. So I got it ‘wrong’ by popular misinformation, but my pride of my accurate knowledge in Grace is intact. This does little to get me onto a faraway beach but I burn easily anyway. πŸ™‚

Note ~ There is a small cut in the jacket that was there when it arrived but if that doesn’t bother you feel free to leave a comment if you are a follower.

I’ll choose by random. Give-away ends next Wednesday, May 19th.

Have a regal weekend!


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  1. Lady Kate says:

    Please add my name to the book lottery! I loved Grace Kelly and Bing’s duet of “You Give to Me and I Give to You!”

  2. Awwww I guessed wrong, looks good!

  3. ooh the book sounds great! I swear there was another wrong/right answer on the kate spade giveaway quiz today on the lindburgh question!

  4. Oh, I would love to have that book. Grace Kelly has been special to me all my life. I still have the scrapbook I carefully made at the time of her wedding. All four times I’ve been to Monaco, including last October for my 65th birthday, I’ve gone to the Cathedral to see her grave. It always makes me feel good to see that flowers are left for her.

  5. Sounds like a fun read; she was so beautiful! And of course, I am a devoted follower!

  6. Ohhhh I love Grace Kelly πŸ™‚

  7. Oh, count me in! Just love Grace Kelly!

  8. I’ve been eyeing this book for awhile. I would love the opportunity to read it. P.S. Your cookies always look amazing!

  9. Add me please. I loved Grace Kelly and still follow her children’s lives because I am an avid royal watcher. I’m even hoping to visit Cannes later this year with a side trip to Monte Carlo one of our days there (40th b-day and 15th anniversary trip).

  10. Ah, I would love to read this!


  11. Hmm, very interesting.
    Thanks so much for your kind and supportive comment. Have a wonderful wknd. xo

  12. ooo i’d love to be in the giveaway!

    marfmom at gmail dot com

  13. You are in my google reader. This looks like a great summer read. Thanks for the consideration!

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  14. Sounds like a great book, and she was soooo beautiful! A lot of information just from reading your post, that girl got around!
    I hope your having a wonderful weekend.

  15. What a lovely giveaway ~ and woman.

    The closest I’ll get is reading the book on the beach here in CT πŸ™‚


  16. oh man, i want this book! but ‘m halfway around the world and i’m not sure if you can ship that far πŸ™

    shuttling in from SITS πŸ™‚

  17. I love her! Loved Monaco & Cannes. It was otherwordly visiting there. I don’t know if i deserve to win bc I know the book could sit around for awhile. (I am determined to finish Eclipse by June 30!). I’m so busy chasing toddlers. Someone who can sit by a pool & relax deserves it! Gwyneth seems like a modern day Grace, doesn’t she? Effortless elegance is something I always aspired to. *sigh*

  18. I just love Grace Kelly. She was so beautiful and genuine.

  19. Your decorated cookie is fantastic… and I wish I could taste it. This is not meant to diminish the Grace K book giveaway; I just had to applaud you first and increase my chances at winning. LOL!
    Thnak you for stopping by my blog and have a Happy SITS Sunday and awesome week ahead!

  20. OOO pick me! I am a brand new follower!

  21. Count me in as a participant in the Giveaway! I just adore Grace Kelly! I’m hosting my own giveaway as well, for all those interested

  22. Love it! Please add my name to the hat!

  23. What a fabulous read – I adore Grace! Please enter me – I’d love to win!

  24. What a thoughtful giveaway! I am dying to read it!


  25. Hello dear, I found you through my new blogger buddy Living Well/Cambridge Chic. Pink martinis sound good to me! Glad to be a new follower and hope you’ll stop by too!

    I would have been in the realm of mistaken popular opinion! Thanks for the giveaway and I’d love to be in the random lottery.

  26. I just recently found your blog. Sounds like an interesting book!

  27. I absolutely love Grace Kelly and would love to read this book!

  28. I’d love to read a book about Grace Kelly! Love her! Enter me. You know I’m a follower. πŸ™‚

  29. This book sounds very interesting. I would love to read it.

  30. Interesting looking book-have read the authors take on another celeb and loved it!