Cocktail Napkin Swap-ettes Listed!

fireworks cocktail napkinsWooHoo!
The Cocktail Napkin Swap-ettes are listed!Click here for the original post and go to the comments section to find out who commented before you!
Thank you to everyone who participated.I hope you have fun shopping, giving and receiving!
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  1. I just bought these very fireworks napkins this past weekend! I will probably not swap these, but I am so excited to participate! You are brilliant!

  2. YEAH! This is such a fun idea. I hope you make it an annual feature 🙂

  3. I am going to have fun just looking at all of the napkins!

  4. Just sent mine off today to San Francisco!

  5. Hey there….have my napkins all set to send off, but my SWAPETTE has not responded with address????
    Ahy suggestions?