Whoa! 7.2

I knew today was a holy day but “Holy Guacamole”!

The baja quake was the longest I’ve ever experienced. A big roll then about a minute of side to side slippery movement. When it hit I was drying my hair and stopped to wait it out and then Mr. PM and I yelled to each other on different floors to check in but the movement kept going ever so slightly then it picked up again until tapering off. I felt dizzy so I sat down on the bed and looked at the bedroom doors and they were still moving so I knew the ground had not stopped. Everyone I have talked to felt this vertigo. It was very strange.

Our big ugly Lazy Boy rocking chairs (do not judge ~ it is my decorating shame and secret to a happy marriage) were rocking by themselves. Our antique pendulum clock that sits on the low boy in the living room that I never keep going because it chimes too loud was jostled enough to begin and now chimes every quarter hour. Note to self: stop it before bedtime tonight. I noticed our chandeliers were still swinging 45 minutes later until we left for Laguna Beach for dinner at Javier’s on PCH (Pacific Coast Highway).

I told my MIL who joined us that after being shaken we needed something stirred ~ margaritas on the rocks!
As you can see even a tsunami threat would not keep me from grease, salt and alcohol.

Thank you to those who emailed me to check up on how we fared. Love you! 🙂

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  1. We were just taking the ham out of the oven, when it hit…and hard!! The pool was sloshing all over the sides!! Weird feeling of vertigo…
    Hey, when you said you loved cuffs, I even wondered if you might be getting them from OC housewife….the one who makes them? Can’t think of her name righty now.

  2. Glad you’re okay! I’ve never been through an earthquake (and can’t even imagine what a strange feeling that must have been)! Margaritas do sound necessary after having an experience like that 🙂

  3. Even after 33 years of living in the San Francisco area, the rumbles and rolls always make me anxious. I wait, on the verge of fleeing outside, every time I feel one, since my bedroom is downstairs and I don’t want the whole house to topple on me. I will never forget the 1989 earthquake, when I was on my way to a party at Sunset magazine in Palo Alto – or Menlo Park. I thought I had a flat tire! I made it to the party but everyone there was transfixed to a t.v. showing the collapse of the section of the Oakland Bay Bridge and the Cypress freeway. So scary.

  4. I was working in Orange and I felt the Quake. I too felt the vertigo feeling and everything was shaking.

  5. Was thinking of you! So glad no serious damage done. HAPPY EASTER!

  6. I just saw it on the news! I am glad you are ok! I came here right away after seeing the report!

    Now that we know you are fine…I will assume the boys are fine too….do you get your cuffs from Lynn? Inquiring minds need to know!

  7. Am very glad you are OK. Am also on edge a little bit up here in Northern California.

  8. OH HOW SCARY!! I’m so glad you are alright. I can’t even imagine, I would be a basket case! I hope you had a lovely dinner and drinks, sound like a nice time. Let there be no more shakes!

  9. The cuffs by Lynne? No. I hear she has a website though. I like my cuffs made from metal and I think she does leather. There is nothing edgy about me to warrant leather. Snarky, yes. Edgy, no. 🙂

    To my NorCal gal pals ~ I guess we are all in this together. Good thoughts going up your way too. I don’t think this is over yet. Hang on! 🙂

    To my SoCal gal pals ~ Have you ever felt this vertigo before? Just so very odd. Glad you are okay too along with everyone else. 🙂

  10. That is so scary!!!

  11. wow, glad you’re all fine. I’ve been caught up with family and didn’t know. Company is here until tomorrow, then back to normal around here 😉

  12. Holy cow! I have never experienced and earthquake and would probably have been terrified.

    Glad everyone is ok!

  13. Hope you held on to that margarita with both hands!

  14. I’m glad you’re okay! We had a 3.4 earthquake while I was at home in VA over Christmas. It literally lasted about 10 seconds and I was so scared I cried. I cannot imagine going through your earthquakes out there on the west coast. I’ll stick to my tornadoes in Tennessee – I can handle those!

  15. I should’ve read blogs before I sent you the email today. just want you to know I was thinking about you!! xoxo

  16. That is way too big and so scary…glad to hear that you are OK.

  17. Glad you are OK! That sounds scary!

  18. glad everything’s ok — even those recliners! and I’m ALL for the margaritas!

  19. It sure was long, wasn’t it?! Seemed to last FOREVER! Glad you are safe!

  20. Wasn’t it a weird one?! I guess I prefer the roll to the jerky ones though.