Things I Love!

Kate Spade

Lilly Pulitzer


(click on photos for information)

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  1. Super cute! Now I’m in the mood for a bike ride and a beach picnic!

  2. Awwwww so cute!!!!! I love Kate Spade!!! I just switched from my Kate to a new Coach bag but I’m missing my Kate. Hahaha.

  3. oh no, i think i need a bike and basket.

  4. Nice, though with my infirmities, I haven’t been on a bicycle in years. I could certainly carry that nice Kate Spode bag!

  5. Love the Kate Spade basket…I would never leave it on my bike. Took me a couple days to realize someone stole my back basket! I was so mad….still am!

  6. PERFECTION. xoxo

  7. Me too! I think that basket would make a terrific gift.

  8. True love, indeed!

  9. So adorable. I’ll take both of them.

  10. Love that Kate Spade basket. So classy and cool, as usual. 🙂

  11. i’ve already pre-ordered the bike (arriving down the shore on august 8th) and MUST have that basket!!

  12. The Kate Spade and Lilly make for a perfect combo Miss Pink Martinis, that is a darling bag!

    Smiles at you,

  13. stylish cyclin’ Ms. Pink!
    I have a Schwinn with a plastic basket from Target tied on the front, Ha!

  14. I want one too!


  15. Ooooh la la, I love those things too!!

  16. I have a yellow Kate Spage handbag that I adore!

  17. Love it!!!!

  18. Oh I would love that bike and basket here in Germany, the Frau would really turn heads if she rode that around!

  19. LOVE that basket… trés FAB!!!