New Things I Love!

I was having a good hair and face day yesterday so I went to the mall and of course saw no one I knew. Figures. I raided the M.A.C counter and ventured for something new for me.

My new loves ~
‘Pro Longwear’ Lip stain Marker in Runway Ripened (pictured).

Think felt tipped marker for your lips.
I was surprised how much I liked this. Did not feather and gave a pretty color even as it wore off. I paired it with Lustreglass gloss in Flashmode (deep but sheer pink) and Dazzleglass gloss in Extra Amps (a bright glittery pink that does not look glittery on only very shiny). I bought all three! The Extra Amps is so gorgeous I think I could just be happy looking at it in the tube all day. Does this mean I have a slight fixation for pink sparkly things? You betcha!

Oh ~ yesterday’s post on FipFuision’s XL – thanks to SkinWest’s Mizz for letting me know it is on sale on their site from $50 to $37.50! Stock up!! It never goes on sale in the store.

Now I’ll be ready to join the swinging jet set this weekend in Palm Springs.

Have a swanky weekend, friends!

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  1. Oooh one of my fave words is ‘swankified’ :O)

    Have a fabu weekend dahlink!

  2. That sounds interesting!!! I have been wanting to try a lip tint of some sort.

    Doesn’t it always happen that way? You are looking HOT and you see absolutely no one…then when you don’t have time to put on makeup or fix your hair and you are wearing your workout clothes, you see someone you haven’t seen in years. You just know they are thinking “Wow…she’s gone down hill…” Hahaha

  3. Happy Friday! I love good face/hair days!

  4. Of course you didn’t see anyone you knew! haha But let me go somewhere sans make-up or bad hair, and I will see someone that I have not seen in 20 years! xoxo

  5. Swanky–Love it!! I’m on my way to get some Lip Fusion right now.
    And yes, you run into everyone when your low on the totem poll, but not when your primped and prime!
    I hope you have a “sparkly” weekend!

  6. Free shipping to boot in the Lip Fusion!

  7. Great purchases! Going to have check that marker lipstick out. 🙂

  8. i’m such a MAC junkie and that cartoon is so cute!

  9. The lip stain sounds nice, but I fear I’d mis my lip and have a bog ol’ skin stain to hide all day 😛