Glowing Tablescapes

As my niece Mizz finds all things wedding on the internet she came across this site called I love the tablescapes made with these little battery operated lights called floralytes.Wow!
Look at these palms made with ostrich feathers, vine lights, Eiffel tower glass vase and a blue floralyte.Here are the instructions to make the feather palm tree.

glowing tablescapes
With blue martinis and white palms.

glowing tablescapes
These little lights come in a variety of colors and styles. These are called the round lights. They have an on/off switch, last for 50 hours and the ingenious part… are submersible!

glowing tablescapes

Here are the instructions of how to make the table scape below.
This link also has instructions for most of the floralyte decorations.
glowing tablescapes
A floraltye light in the bottom of a fish bowl with glass beads.
Instant ambiance.

glowing tablescapes

One of my favorites and easiest using the Grande Martini Glass.

glowing tablescapes
Recipe ~
1 Grande Martini Glass
1 Floralyte Light (optional)
1 Handfull of Crystal Fibers
1 LED Lite Up Martini Olive Picks
(add your own olive)

glowing tablescapes
Here are the Crystal Fibers
I have used them for filler for gift packages.
You can find them in party supply stores too.

glowing tablescapes
I spent at least a couple of hours on this website when I first visited. There are so many original and different ideas. Look what a glow bracelet tucked into a napkin and a mirror under the plate can do. Ah, a real glass LED wine glass?

glowing tablescapes
And a martini glass too? I am in whimsical love!

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  1. WOW how pretty! Love it! I’m doubting I can find them here in Indonesia LOL.
    Stopping by from SITS 🙂

  2. Love love love the glowing martini glass and palms!!

  3. Just beautiful!!! You need daughters so you can do weddings!!!! They are a LOT of work.