O’reo Patties For St. Patty’s Day

Chocolate covered O’reo patties for St. Patty’s Day ~O’Yum!

chocolate covered molded oreo st patricks day
These were made in a mold just for this purpose.
No dripping messes. How genius is that?

I knew I had to get this mold when I saw the shamrock pattern already in place.

chocolate covered molded oreo st patricks dayHere’s what you do:

Buy a bag of Double Stuff Oreos.
If you buy the cookies a few days before making these, make sure you save enough to actually make your project.
Don’t ask me how I know this. πŸ˜‰

The individual cups were filled 3/4 full with melted chocolate.
Drop in an Oreo.

chocolate covered molded oreo st patricks day
By pushing the cookie down into the chocolate, the chocolate wraps itself over the top and envelops the cookie.

It looked so good I almost dove in after it!
… and that’s no blarney!

chocolate covered molded oreo st patricks day
After it sits in the frig about 10 minutes to harden, the mold comes out. Flip it over and the cookie easily releases. Now the fun part ~

I had a rich iridescent mallard green luster dust ready to go. I thought it would be pretty brushed on the shamrock with an over dusting of sparkly gold dust.

chocolate covered molded oreo st patricks daychocolate covered molded oreo st patricks day
White chocolate made some pretty cookies too.

chocolate covered molded oreo st patricks day
Maybe I should call them Blarney Stones for fun!

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  1. so cute! we always do the traditional irish potatoes, but it looks like we have to add these to our holiday sweets list!!

  2. Those are so cute!

  3. those look delish!!

  4. Genius!

  5. OMG this is too cute! I love it!
    I am going to keep an eye out for some Easter ones!

    O’reos….LOVE IT!!!!

  6. Too cute with the gold shimmer! Looks delish!

  7. i wanna do it!!! =) going to the cake store today!! =)

  8. OMG so good I love dipped Oreos! You are so talented in your treat making!

  9. OMG LOVE THIS!!! Where did you get the mold?! Making choc covered oreos are my favorite.

  10. Thank you all. I bought the mold last week from this little shop in Buena Park (near Knott’s Berry Farm). I call it the best little shop in the worst looking strip center but I’ll drive 60 miles round trip just for a look see!


  11. So festive! Leave it to you to make dipped Oreos look exquisite! πŸ™‚

  12. You are so clever! I love this idea as a St. Patty treat for my students.


  13. OH MY GOSH! Those are incredible!

  14. now. I am VERY hungry.
    And not for salad.

  15. Too delicious and pretty for words!

  16. So, here I am and now I want you to make me some of those cookies and send them to me!!

  17. Wow. You are such a craftsman! Every thing you makes looks pretty and delicious!

  18. You know if you and Mr PM moved to Tennessee you would be more in the center – well maybe not the center, but anyway – of the US. Then no matter where the boys ended up I’m sure you’d be closer to them. You could sell your Cali home and buy a home in Tennessee, a beach house in FL, and start a business!!! πŸ˜‰ How does that sound??? I think it’s a plan for sure. Send me deets. xoxo

  19. What a fun idea! Love these. And thanks for the advice about saving enough Oreos to actually use them for the project. I might have to buy an extra package of them, just in case. πŸ˜‰

  20. Incredible! You are an inspiration! I especially appreciate the tip about how many Oreos to have on hand! ;D

  21. what a great idea! i have dipped oreos before…as they are a guilty pleasure of mine…but never thought of using a mold. you are a genius!
    stopping by from sits

  22. These look too delicious, I must find a mold like this!
    I think there are some Oreos in the kitchen calling my name as I am reading this!

  23. Thanks for stopping by my blog at Deep South Dish and taking the time to comment.

    You are an amazing artist. Wow.

  24. I love chocolate dipped double stuff (I don’t even waste my time with regular oreos). I love the candy mold. It looks so much nicer than when I hand dip them.

  25. I love your blog, and pink makes me feel good πŸ™‚

  26. Hadn’t seen these molds yet – can’t wait to try them out!